The Authors Show® is a publishing industry podcasting pioneer since 2005

WILMINGTON, NC, July 22, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Danielle Hampson, Founder and Executive Producer of The Authors Show® has announced a new podcast for French speaking listeners in Quebec and other parts of the world.

Now in its 15th year of interview production showcasing authors and their work written in English, The Authors Show®, which has interviewed well over 5000 authors from multiple continents, broadcasts its interviews on multiple online channels, each featuring one individual author for a full 24 hours Monday through Thursday, and 3-day weekends (Fri/Sat/Sun). The podcast offers authors global book marketing value as when selected for an interview, they benefit from a vast outreach to traditional and online media, journalists and bloggers, daily postings on several major social media platforms, and exposure to a large pool of readers, putting their work in front of thousands of book fans they would otherwise not reach.

With an established reputation for both exceptional quality and extensive outreach, The Authors Show® is now launching ” Le Podcast des Auteurs” on, featuring works written in French for online broadcast to a French speaking audience from countries such as Belgium, Canada, France, Switzerland as well as French speaking expats living in the USA and abroad. Interviews on “Le Podcast des Auteurs” are conducted by Ms. Hampson (USA) and Luc Rensonnet (Quebec, Canada) an expert in Questiologie, both perfectly bilingual.

“I have lived in multiple countries, speak several languages” said Hampson, “so producing the show in another language is a natural progression for me. I do plan to produce it in several languages, but the proximity of the Quebec province, an area I have often visited and am very fond of made French my first choice. Also, many citizens of Quebec have been guests on The Authors Show for their writing in English and over the years often asked me if they could present their work in French. Le Podcast des Auteurs now gives them the opportunity to do that.”

A publishing industry podcasting pioneer, Danielle created The Authors Show® long before Internet streaming radio and podcasting became popular. She is a public speaker and an expert on cross cultural business relationships who has conducted many workshops at conferences in the USA and Asia. As a multilingual International Business & Marketing Consultant she has traveled the world and has assisted U.S. & foreign companies establish footholds on both sides of the Atlantic and the Pacific.

Danielle Hampson is available for media interviews and author events. She can be contacted by email at [email protected]. More information is available at The Authors Show® website at

The Authors Show has interviewed over 5000 authors from multiple continents over a 14+ year period. It broadcasts interviews on multiple online channels, each featuring one individual author for a full 24 hours Monday through Thursday, and 3-day weekends (Fri/Sat/Sun). The show is now also available in French for work written in that language.