Built the world’s largest online VR museum subscription platform. Eliminates COVID-19 blue by viewing 360°VR technology-based online exhibitions

LOS ANGELES, CA, July 30, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Many people are suffering from COVID blue because of having restrictions in outdoor activities in precaution for not spreading the disease. Due to this, the exhibition and culture industries are also having difficulties. But, there is one company that relieves the thirst for culture and exhibition, opening the path of “online exhibition tour.” Dataking (www.dataking.co.kr, CEO Park Sun-gyu) is the major company that leads the way in making intangible information valuable with its 360° VR technology. Dataking, a resident company of Digital Contents Company Growth Support Center hosted by the MSIT (Minister Choi Ki-Young) and operated by MSIT (President Kim Chang-young) and NCIA, is providing the VR service by connecting all museums in Korea by online.

In its sixth year of establishment, Dataking is one of the K-Global 300 venture companies selected by the MSIT. With its big data analysis technology and AI application technology, it provides 3D VR authoring software and VR big data analysis solution based on its independently developed VR convergence technology. Its innovative business has been selected as Korea’s major 100 DNA companies in the era of hyper-connected intelligence that represents Korea in 2018, and the company received the technology innovation award from MSS. It specializes in non-face-to-face solutions like the content-based 360° VR Museum that enables realistic exhibition viewing experience by using 360-degree rotating VR video and the software 360 Hex that helps you make online conventions easy.

In particular, the 360° VR Museum collects and analyzes not only the VR exhibition of the museum, but also helps establish exhibition plans and improve service by collecting and analyzing the data on the viewing data by time and day of the week, visitors’ viewing styles and walking path, and the exhibited items of interest and time of stay. Also, in 360Hexa, which provides a “virtual tour service” that connects photos to photos to give the feel of being in the site, you can insert 3D drawings in the panoramic photos to reconstruct the space in three dimensions and enable viewing the exhibited items from various angles. In addition, a new solution that can build “virtual convention” for online exhibitions has been newly developed.

By running the Smart Museum Project with the National Museum of Korea, it has raised its competitiveness with its big data and AI technology and 360° VR expression technology, and has built the world’s largest online VR museum subscription platform. Currently, it is providing the VR services by connecting museums across the country online, and its exhibited contents are also superior to the ones in the overseas.

CEO Park Sun-gyu from Dataking who is currently working on evolving the exhibition contents by using big data and AI technology said, “Dataking’s online exhibition solution can not only be used for viewing exhibitions, but also for tourism, architectural interior design, VR home tour, and education.” He also added, “We are also seeking the market expansion of online exhibition contents, connection to education, and creating new profit by enabling viewing the museum from the TV, with remote control.”

Park said, “Due to restrictions of movement by COVID-19, the demand for online exhibition solutions has increased significantly both in Korea and overseas. We are currently receiving lots of inquiries on the non-face-to-face online exhibitions, which calls for new ways of correspondence.” He then said, “We are planning to provide the exhibition contents to promote the Korean Pavilion in overseas museums from the second half of this year.” Dataking is planning to participate in the K-Museum project to promote the Korean Pavilion in overseas museums and provide its online museum solutions to the museums in Russia, the US. And China. He added, “This project is an opportunity to promote our cultural heritage abroad, and also is an opportunity to make exhibition contents in overseas museums in platform format.”

Dataking will be participating in the online exhibition content platform project in overseas museums fully from this year, and is planning to globalize K-Museum Project by 2021. Along with this, it is planning to make attempts to remove restrictions on exhibitions in Korea. Park said, “It is our wish to increase the value of the exhibition by allowing children living in Busan to see the exhibits in the museums in Seoul at any time and place they want, and equipping people with disabilities to open the museum door and enter without difficulty as long as they have smartphones and computers. Our goal is not just to show, but to develop the technology to share the story and feel the emotions, which are sure to make us the top company in the culture and science area.”

Dataking Co., Ltd. (CEO Park Sun-gyu), a resident company at the Digital Contents Company Growth Support Center operated by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA), announced that it opened the beta version of 360Hexaworld.com, a virtual life service in January this year.