Tsa HO fa is a consortium of Traditional Indian Educators. Tsa HO fa offers multiple grant programs that provide academic outreach and support to American Indian children attending public schools in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties.

WASHINGTON, DC, February 05, 2020 /Neptune100/ — One year ago, Doni-Jo Minor-Munro traveled cross country to bring word of her Tsa HO fa organization to Capitol Hill. This native Californian did so in order to promote cultural awareness and educational benefits for Native American children; this has been her vision and goal for as long as she can remember. Her tireless efforts to realize this vision have resulted in a tight-knit family of like-minded individuals who share her passion.

“It’s about a legacy. It’s about things that are bigger than all of us,” says Gilbert Harper, Tsa HO fa’s second-in-command and Ms. Munro’s closest associate, “We honor her so much. I was put in this world to make her vision come true.”

While in Washington D.C. for the annual NIEA Hill Day, Doni-Jo and her loyal team will be promoting their important message to the top lawmakers in the land. The three-day event features one-of-a-kind Native Education advocacy sessions to engage, update, and inform attendees on key issues current to Native education. This action-driven Capitol Hill event provides training for real Native advocacy for the current national landscape. Tsa HO fa plans to effect sociopolitical change for the second year in a row.

Tsa HO fa ended 2019 on the highest note possible—quite literally. A two-part advertisement was featured on the Nasdaq MarketSite digital billboards in Times Square, New York City. In addition to celebrating the highly anticipated premiere of Ms. Munro’s acclaimed Podumentary series the vibrant and beautiful promotion was, in fact, a call to action. Tsa HO fa will be aggressively ramping up its fundraising efforts in 2020, and it all starts this week. Their efforts have already been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and more.

“Cultural integrity is everything,” said Doni-Jo Minor-Munro earlier this week, upon her arrival in Washington, D.C.

Please help Ms. Munro and her beloved Tsa HO fa organization maintain their mission of preserving tradition, celebrating culture, and securing grant programs to support Native American children. And remember: You do not have to be American Indian in order to help. Tsa HO fa welcomes support from everyone.