Ruhling is an expert on Healthcare which he says is inversely related to medical care

PHOENIX, AZ, June 06, 2020 /Neptune100/ — “God ‘will make a full end’ of a wicked world in the ‘latter days,'”says prophecy expert, Richard Ruhling. He says, “Jeremiah 30:11,24 is the context for God’s gathering those who trust the Bible and want to be part of His kingdom as shown in Jeremiah 31:8,31 and Ezekiel 36:24-28, even if EU vax regulations are against it.”

“In God’s gathering, vaccination records won’t matter and the devil is in the ingredients of vaccines with admitted carcinogens, aluminum and mercury as a preservative and more seen in graph,” Ruhling.

“Why so much effort for a virus that the CDC admits is only 0.26% fatal—mostly those taking Rx drugs for chronic lung disease, diabetes or heart conditions? Medical literature shows Rx drugs are a leading cause of death anyway” says Ruhling MD, board-certified in Internal Medicine and who taught Health Science at Loma Linda University.

He says every drug has a long list of adverse reactions that doctors can’t recall and the coronavirus doesn’t like to be combined with drugs since 99% of fatalities are in people using them (Bloomberg report of Italy’s 99% with pre-existing conditions).

Fear mongering is an excuse for global government and tyranny. People of faith who believe their bodies belong to God (1Cor 3:16,17) can’t accept anything unclean in their bodies that are His temple, no matter what the UN or drug makers say.

The Georgia Guidestones (10 guidelines in 8 languages, Wikipedia) list a #1 priority – world depopulation to less than 500 million. This means 14 out of 15 people need to die. Bill Gates openly favors depopulation. Owning patents for vaccines, he will make millions if everyone is vaxxed.

In Africa millions of women accepted his vaccine but didn’t know they would be unable to have children. That’s outrageous and half a million kids in India were paralyzed from a DPT vaccination that he promoted. There’s a call for his arrest from the Italian government seen in this video,

Gates sees how a vaccination can give everyone a number (ID/2020) which can be read by a scanner to know vaccination history, banking information and whether you are ok to do business. The Bible warns all not to accept a mark of compliance so that no one can buy or sell without the mark, but we are damned if we accept it if we believe the Bible that shows what’s coming in Rev 13:16-18 and 14: 9,10. “Worship” means “give worth.” We don’t have to bow down but marking everyone is a worthless project that sides with papal control,

The warning against 666 includes the pope and maybe Gates: VICARIUS FILII DEI (the title on a papal crown) is 666 in Roman numerals–I,V, L,D = I,5,50,500 respectively. For Gates it’s 666 with the addition of 2000 (this century) because of the M in Melinda and William because M = 1000 and W is double V.

If Americans think what’s happening in the EU couldn’t happen in free America, they are right—we won’t be free—things are changing. See how with this video by a woman who signed up for Contact Tracing provided by HR 6666. and call your Congressman to vote NO on HR 6666. (202)224-3121.

Dr. Richard Ruhling is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at [email protected]. For a better understanding, Ruhling recommends his book, ‘Health, Happiness & Destiny’, available in bookstores and on Amazon where a Top 100 Hall of Fame Amazon Reviewer, Grady Harp, MD, “Highly Recommended” it with 5 stars. More information is available at his website at

Dr. Ruhling graduated from Loma Linda University medical school and planning for overseas work, took a Masters Degree in Public Health. After Internal Medicine training and board certification, he also had a Cardiology Fellowship before teaching at Loma Linda’s School of Public Health. Attending a cardiology convention, he heard Pritikin reporting how a vegan-like diet reversed heart disease and got 85% of patients off their drugs for diabetes and blood pressure.