John the apostle reports that on August 19, 2017, God revealed to him in a dream that Jesus was born on September 19 in the year 3 BC.

WILMINGTON, NC, May 29, 2020 /Neptune100/ — A Google Search for the question: “When was Jesus born?” produces about 217,000,000 results. At his website page “Jesus’ Birthday is 9-19-03 BC”, John the apostle reports that, “On August 19, 2017, God revealed to him in a dream that Jesus was born on September 19 in the year 3 BC.”

At his website page “Jesus’ Birthday is 9-19-03 BC”, John the apostle writes, “Brothers and Sisters could you imagine what would happen if Christian Churches in America started celebrating Christ’s birth on Jesus Birthday of September 19 and not December 25? I wonder, would the nation follow suit or would the public and the private sector retain December 25 as a Secular Holiday?

“In the year 336 AD, the Roman Emperor Constantine started the secular holiday of Christmas when he converted the Roman Holiday of Saturnalia from a drunken orgy to a celebration of Jesus’ birth to improve the morality of the Roman people.

“Whereas the Romans were driven by sexual immorality. Americans are driven by greed. Greed permeates all aspects of American life. The Capitalistic American Economy does not work without greed.

“Brothers and Sisters, can you imagine the economic impact on Americans without Black Friday, without Cyber Monday, without Christmas shopping, without Christmas credit card debt, and without greed?

“Imagine the impact on all of our relationships without the pressure to buy more, more, more for those people we love? And I ask you, when did how much we spend on someone for Christmas become the defining measure of how much we love them?

“Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I would ask each of you this final question about Christmas: Did God send His Son, Jesus, into the world to bolster the American economy in December of each year? Or: Did God send His Son, Jesus, into the world to save us from our sins?”

In an Interview with Pastor Robert Thibodeau on The Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast tilted “Surrender to Jesus”, John the apostle termed the current secular holiday of Christmas “The Season of Greed.”

John the apostle and Pastor Thibodeau discussed that “Christmas is demoralizing and leads people into the sin of greed.” They went on to conclude that the current secular celebration of Christmas on December 25th has nothing to do with Jesus’ birth.

John the apostle then suggests that Christian Churches move the celebration of Advent from December to September. At his Dazzling Light Website Page “Advent in September”, John the apostle writes, “Advent is a season observed in many Christian churches as a time of expectant waiting and preparation for both the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas and the return of Jesus at the Second Coming. The term is a version of the Latin word meaning ‘coming’. Wikipedia And Christ is now calling Christian Churches everywhere to begin a Heavenly Church Revival by celebrating Advent in September.”

At the Dazzling Light Website Page “Advent in December”, John the apostle offers suggested Bible Passages and Sermon Themes for Church Pastors to uses with the five Sundays in Advent associated with the Spiritual Riches of HOPE, LOVE, JOY, PEACE, and CHRIST. John the apostle then concludes the Dazzling Light Website Page “Advent in September” with this prayer, “May Christ be and abide with you and your church as we celebrate together the coming of Jesus the Christ into the world on September 19, 03 BC and prepare for Jesus’ Return on September 19, 2022.”

More information is available at John’s website at

At his website John reveals. “I am John the apostle from the Bible and I am here for Jesus’ Second Coming to Galilee on September 19, 2022. I was born again on October 24, 1982. God spoke to me from the fiery cloud on November 16, 1982. I saw the dazzling light of God’s Glory on January 7, 1983. I received three dreams of Jesus’ Second Coming on October 19, 1983, June 21, 1984, and October 19, 1984. Jesus indwelled me and sang at Amity Church on April 14, 1985. Jesus called me to Galilee to write the book ‘Is Your Church Heavenly?’ on January 16, 2005. I saw heaven open beside the Sea of Galilee on January 25, 2005. God revealed to me that Jesus was born on September 19, 03 BC in a dream on August 19, 2017. I bleed from my stigmata on Father’s Day June 17, 2018. During Holy Week of 2019, Jesus gave me Words of Warning for Christian Churches. On April 3, 2020, Christ called me to proclaim this message: ‘BE READY! BE READY! BE READY! Brothers and Sisters in Christ: BE READY for Jesus’ return to Galilee on September 19, 2022. BE READY for Jesus’ Second Coming at the Dazzling Light Website.”