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GEORGETOWN, TX, September 13, 2019 /Neptune100/ —

Unspoken Grace: A love that grows by Paul J. Webster
Publishing by A Book’s Mind

We sat down with Paul and asked him what motivated him to write his newest book?
I wrote this book to tell my story. I’ve given unusual answers to questions all of my life. And looking back, my story includes some very unusual and noteworthy events. Telling that story has challenged me and brought about a refreshing sense of who I am. Writing this book tells me God is not through with me yet.

The shore line off the coast of Vietnam is one of the most beautiful scenes I’ve ever run across. And the contradictory events surround why I was there and what I witnessed while there has boxed my mind for years. You see, I thought good and evil happened apart from each other; in this book I tell of an event on that beach that opened my eyes to who I truly could have been if not for the redirection given by God.

Writing poetry allows me to tell my story, answer those questions and paint my life in my way.
What inspires you to write?
I’ve been lost many times in my life and in many ways. I’ve stumbled into situations I should not have been in, but I made it through. Also after a very tragic loss in my life that I had difficultly living with, writing poetry gave me a release that keeps on giving.
Writing this book has brought balance to me. I started believing the possibility that I might not be insane after all. And maybe the adventures I’ve lived through have a purpose other than a free ride.

What feeling do you want readers to come away with?
There is a comfort in knowing that you are not alone. I pray that you see that love is the force behind every word I’ve written. If not for people and their desire to love, my book would have no reason. Also I would like the readers of this piece to realize that the love of God, love of self and love of people drives all that we do and my book respectfully attempts to visit each of these.

About the book:
There’s a hope that gives
There’s a grace that lives
There’s a plea that renews
I’m trying to say, “I love you”

Love had no beginning and love has no end. That is how grace has touched my life. Looking down the corridor of my life, I find that love has defined the grace given to me. This book is my moment to thank the world for this wonder called life. I was just leaving the hospital in Temple when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a group of bikers gathered in the atrium located near the exit. I entered and was found in the middle of the hardest men and women I’d ever seen in my life. Well, I’m not a small person, but they towered over me, or so I thought. Once I came to myself, I approached the leader of the group. With my right hand extended, I pointed at a multi-colored symbol on his cut and asked, “What is that one?” He looked me over then smiled. I found that grace and generosity have no boundary. Love is the fabric of this life and grace is how it’s shown.

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