Book Becomes International Best Seller

BALTIMORE, MD, February 22, 2020 /Neptune100/ — T Renee Garner launched her new book “Conquer the Man-Monster NOW!” and it became a best seller on Nov 6th, 2017.

In this short read Renee share insight into one of the most common problems we as women find ourselves in. We meet a great guy. He seems perfect. But what we dont realize is that within him is a monster!

There are some skills that we can learn so that we can avoid getting into relationships with a Man-Monster as well as I how to identify if you are with a Man-Monster and how to conquer him for good and keep the Man-Monster out of your life. You do not need to put up with a Man-Monster in your life. Now is your time to love marvelous memorable moments.

T Renee says, “I believe my life was saved! I woke up with a second chance to live life and make memorable moments.”

“No form of abuse is ok! It is my hope woman will find the courage in this story to stand up and say, ‘enough is too much'” says Steve Kidd the host of Thriving Entrepreneur Radio Show

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T. Renee is the mastermind business woman who coined the phrase “The Man Monster,” which is a thought provoking pictorial description of couples, and marriage relationships that are cruel, hurtful, physical, verbal, psychologically unhealthy, sexual, and financial abusive. As a domestic violence and a coma survivor, T. Renee is now leading women on how to not just survivor the abuse, but also how to thrive in life and move forward through performing arts as the creation of The Man-Monster Musical Gospel Comedy Stage Play will enlighten and inspire everyone. -“I believe my life was saved! I woke up with a second chance to live life and make memorable moments.” T. Renee is now serving through speaking with a word inspired by God, Conquer “the Man -Monster” Now! A savvy business woman with over 20 years of Business and Information Technology experience, T. Renee is a Mompreneur single with two beautiful children, who through Kindle download earned #1 US, #1 France, #2 in two other categories and #5 Japan Best Seller List on Amazon Best Seller International and National platform as the Author of Conquer the Man- Monster Now! Her other talents include Maryland (MD) Realtor, Licensed Cosmetologist in VA and MD, Ministry Training and Development Certified from Victory Christian Ministries International (VCMI) and Information Technology Management Bachelor of Science Degree from Strayer University. Her experiences in life have equipped her with a unique nitch and ability to hone in on your needs whether spiritual, technology, buying a house for first time or investing, beauty and business to SERVE in the community. T. Renee believes as you enjoy the musical comedy gospel play, the Man Monster you will be inspired! “Finding you purpose and LIVING out your dream(s) is what you were born to do. It is your God given Birthright!” –T. Renee Garner LIKE TO CONNECT SOCIAL MEDIA BRING THE MAN MONSTER TO YOUR EVENT? For bookings and speaking at your event contact [email protected] Follow me: Twitter, Instagram, FaceBook (@themanmonster), LinkedIn, and Google+ ***All handles are T. Renee Garner***