How many of us, ever contemplate writing a book amid a global pandemic, or weaving a story that compelled the readers to think about what they want or might be searching for, is in front of them. Well! One woman just did that !! “Marriage Material” is the name of the book that entails a love story with which a leading entrepreneur in the world of wellness has entered the universe of magnificent words and undoubtedly it is a gem of a debut. Here we are talking about Deisy Suarez-Giles and her newly launched book “Marriage Material” that’s gaining lots of accolades and reflecting the remarkable achievement of the writer.

Women are breaking new ground at work in every field today. It is the driving force of perseverance with the proficiency that leads a woman to break all the odds in her way. The same goes for Deisy Suarez-Giles or famously known as “spa connoisseur” who has chosen her way and carved her own path of success in the health and wellness industry.

The business visionary began her journey 16 years ago in Newyork City. With her deep understanding and expertise, she flourished her career in the beauty and wellness industry and solidified her footprints by establishing DESUAR Spa in Downtown Los Angeles. She proceeds to explore the business of style, skincare, spa, and wellbeing. Famously known as “spa connoisseur” Deisy Suarez-Giles as she has visited 150 spas worldwide has donned multiple feathers in her hat. She is well known as a well trained licensed esthetician, and a certified massage therapist, and now a profound author. Her collective more than 16 years of experience stands her apart from the other counterparts in the industry.

She has redefined Achievement by her passion and dedication and proved to the world that it is not just the skillset but the persistence and determination that keeps you going.

The mother of two boys, spouse, speaker, the philanthropist has made the saying true that ‘Start Where You Are. Use What You Have. Do What You Can’. Like many businesses facing the challenges of shutdown and uncertainty, her business also got impacted in the pandemic that led to the storm of closedown. But that certainly could not stop her from being creative, keeping anxiety at a bay. Deisy gets her contemplations far from stresses by making her inert time gainful. Her multi-tasker character drives all her going throughout everyday life and her profession. She has so far prevailed in this undertaking by writing her book, one of her since quite a while ago wanted ventures. The book portrays the challenges of a woman in search of love to marry her desired life partner. Her ideal crowd is book perusers excited about themes on relationships, dating, single life, marriage, and family. 

Her debut book entitled ‘Marriage Material’ that depicts the emotions perfectly and conveys a message to ‘live the life fullest at its best’ is getting readers’ attention, five stars, recommendations, and making a special place in their hearts. One reader remarked ‘Great read if you’re looking for love, and wasn’t sure if the right one was out there for you. This book made me laugh, and cry, amazing! True Love Story.’

For Deisy it is only the beginning of a long fruitful journey she has embarked on as a writer.

Deisy’s book is available on Amazon kindle. To know more about Deisy Suarez-Giles and her expert sharing on beauty and wellness through her blog or connect with her via email at [email protected].