The Olive Book launches second online study course for visual learners

BLACKSBURG, VA, February 20, 2020 /Neptune100/ — The Olive Book Test Prep, known for its distinctive animated videos, recently launched its first SAT course to complement the ACT course it launched last year. The course covers the Math, Reading, and Writing & Language sections of the SAT in a self-paced format that takes students through a thoughtful series of practice questions and video lessons. The course is free with no ads or strings attached.

“There are a lot of test prep resources,” founder Michael Ermann, a tenured architecture professor at Virginia Tech, said. “But we noticed no one had both quality content and quality graphics. So many video-based courses feature someone lecturing to a camera or someone scribbling on a screen. We were pretty sure that everyone is a visual learner and can benefit from content presented in the graphic language I’m used to using as an architect. So we created it.”

The course’s professionally-animated videos provide answers to practice problems and explain complex topics. Color and movement bring math and reading problems to life, and occasional storytelling makes word problems feel like binge-worthy YouTube videos.

Ermann designed the SAT and ACT courses alongside a team of educators, including Ben Orlin, creator of the Math With Bad Drawings book series and blog, teachers, SAT/ACT tutors, and a team of professional animators.

The course is a complete study plan for the SAT–no other prep material needed. As in the Olive Book’s ACT course, which launched in April 2019, the SAT course consists of practice questions with detailed text and animated video explanations, as well as practice tests and test-taking tips.

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