Bos Digital, in collaboration with the Afton Klein Group and Speedwell Media Group has created Bos Klein, a new media and design agency.

RALEIGH, NC, May 07, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Bos Klein, headquartered in Raleigh, NC, with offices in Chicago and Salt Lake City, offers clients a range of services including branding, digital marketing, and storytelling. Bos Klein works with lifestyle brands, including action sports, recreation, fashion and apparel, and arts and entertainment, with a focus on design and message dissemination. CEO and founder Jeff Robinson explains, “By combining the power of technology and data with excellence in design, creativity, and messaging, we provide clients with the tools needed to disseminate their brands, stories, messages and strategies in order to succeed in their respective markets.”

The company’s executive team boasts significant experience with leading brands, national digital campaigns, and award-winning creative design. The creative team is overseen by Mike Daines as creative director and Drew Gabreski as President of media. Daines is a co-founder and creative director of Afton Klein Group (AKG), an award-winning design agency based in Salt Lake City. Prior to founding AKG he worked with major brands in fashion, sports, arts, and entertainment in Los Angeles. Gabreski is an award-winning filmmaker who has written, produced, and directed a feature film, commercials, and multiple sports docu-series. Drew is also the founder of Speedwell Media Group, a content-driven, digital production company specializing in strategic digital content creation across multiple platforms.

From building brands from the ground up to telling enduring and persuasive stories across the digital spectrum and using data to influence performance and outcomes, Bos Klein’s integrative approach drives results.

Contact Information:
Bos Klein
Jeff Robinson, CEO
[email protected]
(919) 670-5529

Bos Klein is a media and design agency that focuses on design, messaging, and storytelling for lifestyle brands. For more information visit