National Veterans Chamber of Commerce Members Receive Targeted Career Transition Support Through Partnership With PATH2™

ANAHEIM, CA, November 12, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Career planning firm PATH2 has just partnered with the National Veterans Chamber of Commerce to provide specialized career transition support to veterans. Through this new partnership, veterans receive a discount on the PATH2 career planning program — the only program of its kind that takes into account the “5 Important Aspects of YOU”:

1. Aptitudes
2. Personality
3. Interests
4. Preferences
5. Traits

The PATH2 program then helps to connect the unique aspects of people with the unique aspects of careers (such as specific skills, education requirements, and growth outlook) so they can determine the best-fit career for them. By providing reliable information within a clear, structured process, PATH2 empowers people to choose a career that will bring both happiness and success.

“When veterans transition out of active service,” says PATH2 Vice President and spokesperson Dave DesRochers, “they don’t always stay where they were based. They move to other areas, and they begin a new life there. The PATH2 partnership with the National Veterans Chamber of Commerce was formed to create a clear transition program for veterans no matter where they land after leaving the service. PATH2 offers veterans both a straight career transition plan or they can also opt to participate in our student-based program. A lot of them start school after service, making the most of their G.I. Bill benefits. All veterans and their family members are welcome to use the PATH2 program at a significant discount, accessed through our website.”


“We don’t tell people which careers are right for them,” Dave says. “We empower people to make great choices based on what matters most to them. Veterans, you served your country well. Now let us help you determine a new career you’ll love and be great at.”

About: PATH2™ Vice President and Partner Dave DesRochers has a gift for connecting with people and building mutually beneficial relationships. A former pro football player for the Seattle Seahawks and an exceptional public speaker, Dave shares lessons from life and work with students, community groups, people in career transition, veterans, HR teams, recruiters, nonprofits, and business leaders. For more information, visit