“Club 500” is a Russian private club of entrepreneurs and top managers with personal income from 1,000,000 rubles per month.

MOSCOW, RUSSIA, July 29, 2020 /Neptune100/ —

A few words about the club and its owner.
This is one team that has motivation, goals and mutual support. These are a few like-minded people who strive to achieve the best results in their field. The Creator of the club is Dmitry Portnyagin, who founded the most popular business channel on YouTube “TRANSFORMATOR“.

The idea of creating the project.
Dmitriy Portnyagin joined various business communities and in each of them he was missing something: somewhere the level of entrepreneurs, and somewhere trust and security. By this time he knew what kind of people he wanted to see around him. Dmitry knew that until he puts them together, in one community, no one will do it». And he was clearly right, because this project is the only one of its kind for entrepreneurs in Russia.

An example that motivates.
One of the residents, becoming a member of the Transformer club, received not only a new experience, but also an incentive to move on, not to stop on the results achieved – over the past six months, he increased his income 20 times. And there are many such examples and stories. It proves that this business project will come to its goal and make a great contribution to the development of entrepreneurship.

Club 500’s global mission.
The club was relaunched on July 8, 2019 with completely new rules and a new team, a changed product, event format, verification system, and a mobile app. The idea for inspiration was the Fortune Global 500 rating (a rating of 500 of the world’s largest companies, the criterion for which is the company’s revenue). The goal of this project is to collect or grow 500 market leaders in the Club. By the club’s birthday, they plan to gather all the residents and make a common photo, which will be proof that it is possible to create such a large-scale community in Russia. The main mission is to change the perception of entrepreneurship in the country and to reach a completely new level.

What is being a resident of the club.
The club covers the main needs of its residents: finding the right contacts, communicating with like-minded people, helping with a lot of unresolved issues, motivating them to set a goal and not give up. The most important and valuable thing that every resident gets is emotions, drive and pleasure from their activities. Work begins to bring not only profit and success, but also a smile.

The meaning of visiting a business club.
When entrepreneurs attend these types of events, they see the negotiations here and now, and by understanding the goals of the people around them, they will be able to understand the current goals. When you leave the audience, you will formulate a plan for which of these people you want to meet to develop your business. Creating such communities is more effective for many people than modern marketing. A large number of like-minded people, united by the strongest motivation, charges with the desire to achieve success in the development of their own project.

Development and future prospects.
Dmitry Portnyagin, the founder of the project, believes that now entrepreneurs will pay attention to efficiency — actions, their employees, resources, and think about how to always have alternative options. For example, now the club, that this text is dedicated to, pays great attention to working online. Club 500’s own app, chat rooms that are divided into groups of interests, each resident has their own profile-there is a description of their competencies, businesses, hobbies, cities. The main values of the project: environmental friendliness, mutual assistance, non-stop development.

Club 500 is more than 300 entrepreneurs, 100 events a year for the development yourself and your business, joint masterminds and new acquaintances.

Be the first to know about the most relevant business technologies, share insights with top entrepreneurs, join forces and resources to solve ambitious tasks.

Find equals in spirit and values, develop your business and relax only in a strong environment. Travel, play sports and get inspired with like-minded people.

Get energized from our meetings and events, and learn what truly effective networking is. Learn from the best and be regularly motivated to move on.

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