Research on the top ORM companies compares Texas Status Labs vs. Profile Defenders for repairing online reputations.

WASHINGTON, DC, October 04, 2020 /Neptune100/ — In a recent online study of the top ORM firms two names Status Labs vs. Profile Defenders have been nominated as the top firms in the industry. The online reputation management world, is a crowded space and two of the most popular choices have been selected. Many clients have had extremely positive experiences with these companies, and they continue to thrive working on projects resolving PR issues for clients globally.

Any client considering Status Labs should also think about what services are provided over at Profile Defenders. Not only do they use a lot of similar techniques, but there are a few differences that helped clients notices differences when comparing the two best companies out there.

The cost of quality online reputation management is not cheap. Status Labs is a very reputable company capable of outstanding results and they have always catered to a high-end customer base. A lot of clients they work with pay a premium to work with a name brand company. Comparing Status Labs vs. Profile Defenders they focus on smaller to medium sized businesses and individuals.

The survey conducted stated that clients deserve a bit more information without having to reach out to a company first. That is why having package pricing on the profile defenders website was seen as a plus in determining the most trust worthy companies. This allows people to begin crunching the numbers and seeing what they can afford. “Many clients we have talked to appreciate that we are one of the few to be extremely transparent with pricing, and something we will continue to do going forward.”

Deleting negative links is another top factor that pushed the reputation defender company into the top tier. Amongst other online reputation management companies, Profile Defenders has built a reputation as being one of the only ones to remove malicious links for clients. It has been an enormous struggle throughout the industry’s short history to have false information removed, which is why suppression is usually the most used method.

Businesses have the right to stand up for their reputation, and pushing for link removal makes sense. It is challenging and sometimes time-consuming, but the results are impossible to ignore. It is the only way to truly get rid of negativity that might be haunting a client online for years.

Status labs focuses on the theory of suppressing results and push them to the second page and beyond. This is still effective to a certain degree, but that information is always out there.

Clients have the opportunity to work with these companies and to create as much or as little content as they would like. Some clients want just removals and no content and other clients want a combination of the two. No two clients are said to be alike and some reputation repair clients want to be a part of the process, helping craft a reputation that makes them look outstanding while others leave it entirely up to the experts.

Both Labs and Defenders are as flexible as possible for any client out there. They adhere to industry practices that have high quality standard procedures with updates and general feedback.

Competing with Reputation Defender, Reputation Management Consultants, Podium, & Birdeye Where do Status Labs & Profile Defenders Rank?

It is hard to talk negatively about other companies in the industry but none have the high peer rankings as Status Labs & Profile Defenders. Both firms do so many things the right way as an online reputation management company. With that said, it just might not be the right fit for all clients out there.

ORM is the practice of improving the overall search landscape and image of an individual or business.