Homeowners in El Paso considering a new furnace upgrade will have a profitable option for their old one if they call SoBellas Home Services.

EL PASO, TX, February 06, 2020 /Neptune100/ — “This is sort of like an appliance recycling program, and it comes with a pretty good payout,” said Mike LaBeau of SoBellas in El Paso.

“It’s a classic problem. When you’re making the decision to invest in an energy-efficient home heating system, few people really know what to do with their old one. Well, we’ll buy it, use it to train our future technicians, or else donate it to charity.”

Either way, Mike says, homeowners get the benefit of home heating that’s consistent and energy-efficient with a fully guaranteed system while also getting a good value out of their old one. The standard price SoBellas Home Services is paying for a traded-in furnace is $450.

“You’ll also be saving a good bit of the money you’ve been spending on energy,” Mike said. “A typical 10-year-old furnace could cost you 15% more in energy this year than our new high efficiency SoBellas Signature Series heating and cooling system.”

Mike added that this trade-in offer is a good deal if someone is going to replace a furnace. “But obviously not every system needs replacing,” Mike said. “What homeowners may need instead is for someone to come out and suggest some ways to save energy. And we actually can help a homeowner know if replacing a furnace is a good decision – or if they can wait a while – by conducting an energy survey.”

Mike says, “This offer is not limited to only a furnace. SoBellas will also extend this offer if you need to replace your AC or to covert to refrigerated air conditioning.”

Contact SoBellas Home Services at 915-585-2811 or www.sobellasep.com.