Online Holiday Sales are coming with many opportunities and also challenges to businesses. CouponUpto is preparing the last steps to launch their new demo AI technology, making some new features for their website.

REDWOOD CITY, CA, November 19, 2019 /Neptune100/ — After a thorough preparation time, CouponUpto is presenting their new demo Artificial Intelligence Platform – AI-CU0.1 in Holiday Shopping Season of this year.

This can be considered as one of the technologies contributing to the year-end growth promotion, the occasion when consumer demand is increasing. The demo technology aims at providing ATS (assistive technology solutions) for including customers and partners of CouponUpto.

The main functions of this demo Platform include:

For customers: Optimal support for discount codes and stores best suited to the shopping habits of customers.

This can be considered a breakthrough in optimizing the customer experience through R&D onE-commerce technology. After each redemption code at CouponUpto, your actions will be stored in the website’s online database. AI-CU0.1 information aggregation and coordination system will analyze data through each customer action. That means the more customers look for discounts, deals, the more accurate the results will be thanks to self-learning by AI.

According to calculations by CouponUpto Analysis Department, the time it takes customers to access an active discount code on the website will be shortened by 20%. The density of discount codes displayed will also increase by 25% compared to the version without AI integration, contributing to 22.5% extra efficiency in approaching potential customers for merchants.

CouponUpto’s solution for finding discount codes will bring a variety of benefits to users, from discovering the desired discount code to maximizing the time spent on shopping. The demo version is expected to be launched before the year-end sales. Customers will experience this shopping season with numerous discount codes especially for Black Friday Deals and Thanksgiving Sale.

For partners: In addition to CouponUpto will develop a content management system, create an initiative in sales programs, the new updated AI platform will play an important role in increasing the number of results that best match with potential customers.

The year-end shopping occasion will be the occasion when stores offer numerous promotions to attract customers. The number of discount codes that CouponUpto must handle on this occasion will increase sharply, meaning that demo AI.CU01 will play a decisive role in coordinating discount codes in accordance with the target customers.

According to CouponUpto’s data statistics department, it is expected that roughly 500,000 new coupon codes will be released on this occasion. With the optimal features, AI.CU01 will be able to meet up to 95% of this new discount code smoothly. About 3% of the unworking discount codes and 2% of the discount codes overlapped, with the upcoming update, these elements will be thoroughly resolved. On average merchants save 15% of the cost of discount code campaigns when using the CouponUpto platform. With the calculation of the data analysis department at CouponUpto, this figure will reach 25% with the launch of AI. CU01.

In order to increase efficiency, the demo AI platform will use the data retrieval technology of all the best discount codes of stores in previous years’ shopping occasions. From there it learns the behavior of using the discount code and produces report data, analyzes and suggests effective strategies regarding discount code for partners. According to a recent survey at NRF, 164 million consumers plan to shop over five-day Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday and will increase more at Christmas. With a normal platform, it is truly difficult to handle the discounts launched for these shoppers, AI. CU01 become the top solution for CouponUpto to effectively operate the coupon system on holidays season.

“The development of AI at this stage is a factor to support our customers and partners for this year’s shopping season. This is a long-term development project on Technological applications in the coupon industry and we are constantly working to bring the most practical value to our customers.” – Stacy Keibler – Chief Strategy Officer of CouponUpto shares. was established like a referral website, product reviewer and provider of great saving solutions to customers. Couponupto’s mission is to provide the best deals, promo, and discount codes for a given product. Our motto is that we have to help the customer until they can have their favorite products ranging from fashion, technology, food, entertainment, apparel to medical devices at the best price they would love.