With Urethane-Rubber Form Liners

LOS ANGELES, CA, February 17, 2020 /Neptune100/ — “Over the past several years the Oklahoma Department of Transport (ODOT) has faced many challenges with our highway and bridge program… including specific talents and professional expertise in areas beyond our core talents. I want to thank Creative Form Liners Inc. for being a partner with ODOT to meet one such challenge,” said Gary M. Ridley, Director (Former), Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

One of the essential elements in casting in concrete infrastructure today is the form liner, which adds patterns to the outside surfaces of walls and bridges. In California, amidst the recent push to invest funds to improve highways and other projects, Creative Form Liners (CFL) aims to play a major role with its custom and creatively designed urethane-rubber form liners.

The California Transport Commission recently approved $244 million in new funds to be spent on 71 projects, including highways, bridges, passenger rails, and other transport options. Of the funds, $87.4 million will go towards state highway systems upgradation and maintenance, such as safety, pavement repair, preservation and rehabilitation of bridges.

CFL is committed to helping California improve its infrastructure design quality and reduce its ecological footprint by suggesting the use of a sustainable, recyclable product. The company’s reputed line of urethane-rubber form liners includes both custom and off-the-shelf patterns which carry several advantages over single-use form liners.

Keep in mind, there is no ecological way to justify using single-use form liners, such as AVS or ABS liners, which only get between 1-7 pulls and, as a result, more liners need to be purchased for the job, unnecessarily increasing the project’s construction costs. In contrast, reusable urethane-rubber form liners can get 50-100 pulls, creating a much more eco-friendly and cost-efficient product. The cost of urethane-rubber form liners pays for itself over time since it can be repurposed on future projects, eliminated their need to purchase new liners.

The designs available are of top-caliber since the material conserves a higher quality of detail due to its flexibility. The final outcome is a finished exterior surface that meets and exceeds expectations.

“The unmatched strength and reusability of our urethane-rubber form liners are fast-becoming an industry-standard, making these economical liners a preferred product for most contractors and their clients,” said a Steven Weitzman, CEO for Creative Form Liners.

CFL has an unparalleled 25 years of experience supplying the most environmentally conscious, economical and visually impressive custom patterns and urethane-rubber form liners across the U.S for the improvement of state highway, bridge, and urban development projects. Its team of designers and craftsmen are known for their modular form liner designs that can be reorganized into countless arrangements and repurposed across multiple projects.

All of these considerations make CFL a strong resource for California’s proposed redevelopment and upgradation efforts.


Founded in 1998, Creative Form Liners, Inc. (CFL) projects have won numerous of awards providing superior elastomeric/urethane-rubber form liners to Departments of Transportation, engineering firms, architects, landscape architects, and concrete contractors across the country for their highway, bridge, and urban-environment projects.

CFL brings your decorative architectural concrete projects to life with exquisitely custom detailed designs or standard patterns such as Fracture Fin and Ashlar Stone. Work cast with our form liners can be seen in over 1/3 of states in the U.S as well as Washington, DC. For more information, please visit: www.creativeformliners.com