Deluxe’s modular hospital units can be delivered in half the time of conventional construction.

NEW YORK, NY, March 30, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Deluxe Modular, one of the country’s largest and longest operating all steel volumetric modular manufacturers, today reaffirmed its ability to immediately manufacture and deliver prefabricated mobile (on wheels) and permanent steel-framed medical units to meet a range of immediate medical needs resulting from the COVID 19 pandemic. These include respiratory and ICU-ready units to separate COVID-19 patients from the rest of the population, as well as emergency testing areas, patient rooms, and staff housing facilities.

Deluxe is able to begin immediate manufacture and delivery of prefabricated mobile (on wheels) and permanent hospital rooms. The company offers the following unit options:
• Single bed modules (up to 200 square feet)
• Double bed units (approximately 400 – 750 square feet)
• Quad units that include nursing care stations
• Intensive care pods
• Customized configurations

Each unit includes, as appropriate, negative-pressure HVAC; in-unit bathrooms, easy to clean anti-microbial surfaces, and high-need power and infrastructure.

All of the above units can be delivered in 21 to 40 days, subject to permitting and other regulatory requirements or waivers.

Deluxe also has approximately 17 existing modules (ranging from 400 – 750 square feet) that are currently being built on our production line as mobile modular patient rooms.

Deluxe operates in both New York and Pennsylvania, and because of its commitment to meeting the urgent need for supplemental medical facilities, its 22-acre manufacturing campus in Pennsylvania is an Essential Business that is fully operational and able to immediately produce modular medical units. Its team of over 120 Architects, Engineers and BIM Modelers are able to quickly design custom modules and buildings, including complete hospital facilities that can be delivered in half the time of conventional construction.

About Deluxe Modular

Deluxe Modular has been America’s premiere one-stop-shop for large scale, off-site, steel modular construction for over 50 years, and its fully integrated systems-built process continues to be at the forefront of innovative, volumetric modular construction. The company has a history of responding to the country’s urgent needs – its quarter-mile assembly line was originally set up to build Stuart Tanks for World War II.

Today, Deluxe’s 22-acre manufacturing campus houses over 500,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities. Current capacity enables the manufacture of 40,000 +/- square feet per week in three shifts, adding up to approximately 2,000,000 square feet per annum. Deluxe plans to double production capacity to approximately 4,000,000 square feet per annum through the addition of two new factories which are expected to open by the end of the year.


Melissa Kalish
Chief Marketing Officer
Deluxe Modular
[email protected]