Dr. Elissa Santoro of Livingston, New Jersey is recognized by the International Association of Who’s Who with the Albert Einstein Award of Medicine for her exemplary achievements within the field of Oncology.

LIVINGSTON, NJ, February 27, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Dr. Elissa Santoro has been recognized for her outstanding contribution in her role as an Oncologist specializing in surgical breast procedures and treating breast cancers at the prestigious RWJS St Barnabas Medical Center and Livingston New Jersey.

Dr. Santoro has also partnered with New Jersey State Legislators assisting in the development of the Women’s Health Department in order to increase fund allocation to Breast Cancer Research. Furthermore, since embarking on her career in the field of medicine Dr. Santoro has been committed to offering the best level of care possible for her patients and ensuring the best and most up to date medical technology is utilized in each operation. The RWJS St Barnabas Medical Center promises to deliver industry leading medical treatment to all of its patients, prioritizing their wellbeing through consistent empathetic support, helping to improve the lives of the local population of three million in New Jersey. The medical center has recently introduced a new healthcare system across the tri-state area to combine their strengths and medical expertise to successfully treat patients with the required specialist care and to guarantee diseases are treated as quickly as possible. They have the ultimate aim of making the New Jersey area a better place to live as well as increasing standards of living through prompt and industry leading healthcare.

Elissa has an impressive fifty years of medical experience as an Oncologist, she is a very loyal organization member proven in her commitment to her current role at the Center for Breast Health and Disease Management as a Breast oncologist which she has held for forty-seven years. She was in fact the first medical professional in New Jersey to specialize in Oncology and breast health and was the first woman surgeon at St Vincent’s Hospital thus she has certainly been a vehicle of change in the medical arena. As a result of her unparalleled commitment to the medical profession in 2018 Dr. Santoro has been awarded “New Jersey Top Doc” as well as being the first individual to achieve “Outstanding Woman” in the field of medicine now named the Christine Todd Whitman Award.

Elissa’s passion for helping others began at the very beginning of her education. In 1965 she graduated from the Women’s Medical College in Pennsylvania with a Medical Degree whilst also completing a surgical internship, further improving her time management skills. Elissa furthered her medical education in New York City at St Vincent’s Hospital where she completed her surgical residency. Dr. Santoro was the first woman to be chief surgical resident, which opened the door for other women doctors. Besides all of this, she was awarded an ACS Postdoctoral Cancer Training Fellowship at St. Vincent’s Hospital. Dr. Santoro was Awarded a Post-Doctoral Fellowship from the National Institute of Health in cancer training. This was at the New York Medical College, where she was on the faculty. Additionally, Dr. Santoro is board certified by the American Board of General Surgery in the field of General Surgery.

Elissa is also an affiliate for a plethora of medical organizations including American Society of Clinical Oncology, the American Society of Breast Surgeons and the Medical Society of New Jersey as well as the American Cancer society to name just a few. In addition, she was named the first woman president of the division of the North Jersey American Cancer Society, which clearly demonstrates her strong dedication and devotion to the profession.

Outside of her career, Dr. Santoro has many interests including reading, hot air ballooning and enjoys taking a break from work by travelling and seeing the world. She attributes her career success to her parents, James and Jean Santoro, who always believed in her potential to reach the top of her industry due to her determined, resilient and hardworking attitude.