Bayforest Innovation MAC Fund is officially recognised as the Investors Choice Winner in the Best Smaller Fund category at the EMEA Investors Choice Awards 2020.

LONDON, ENGLAND, July 29, 2020 /Neptune100/ — The Investors Choice Awards considers all of the 4000+ funds reporting on Allocator, the data platform for the investment management industry. This year, 41 global allocators participated as judges submitting over 790 scores across the 215 top performing funds.

The Investors Choice Winners were selected by the judging panel as the top fund in their respective categories based on a combination of quantitative and qualitative criteria. These include risk-adjusted returns, maximum drawdown, investment process, depth of research team, and ability to generate alpha.

Founder and CEO of Allocator, Ryan Kalish commented, “Bayforest should be extremely proud of this achievement. To be selected by our esteemed judges as the Best Smaller Fund is a fantastic feat.”

Chief Operating Officer of Bayforest Technologies, David Beddington also commented, “We are grateful to our investors for their continued support and trust in embarking on this journey with Bayforest. Research and agile innovation is at our core and we are committed to deliver the latest sources of alpha and maintain our top performance.”

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