Designer of wellness therapeutics, Nalu Bio is the latest to join the BVE Select portfolio.

WEST PALM BEACH, FL, December 24, 2020 /Neptune100/ — BVE Select Fund, LLC, a Bonaventure Equity managed venture investor, is pleased to announce its investment in Nalu Bio, a biopharmaceutical firm focused on designing pure, science-backed, scalable cannabinoids for the retail and pharmaceutical markets.

Nalu Bio’s proprietary platform is unique in that their CBD is not hemp-based, but instead uses known chemistries and existing materials to produce high-quality, low-cost, and predictable ingredients for wellness and therapeutics. Established in 2019 by a team of healthcare and wellness professionals, Nalu Bio is a science and data-driven ingredient company whose mission is to harness novel processes to bring high-quality natural compounds to market for consumer health and well being.

“At our heart, we are scientists and chemists and that drives everything we do. Evidence-based, research-backed science speaks in truth and ensures we deliver high-quality, scalable ingredients that consumers and companies can trust,” said Caitlyn Krebs, Co-founder and CEO. Krebs continued, “We implement the same rigorous approaches to vetting our investors as we do to developing new products. We are excited to work with Bonaventure Equity and have a partner who appreciates our rigorous standards.”

Founded in 2014 by Ross O’Brien, Bonaventure Equity (“BVE”) is a boutique venture capital platform that provides capital, resources and unparalleled access to strategic and regulatory relationships. Boasting decades of experience investing in, building, growing and exiting private companies, BVE provides their portfolio companies with the capital and resources they require to build the great businesses of tomorrow.

“I have listened to thousands of presentations in my career. Caitlyn and the Nalu Bio team immediately stood out. Looking past their proprietary innovations, which are remarkable alone, their professionalism, the high-achieving management team with a track record of success, and customer driven development efforts are exemplary. In short, they are in it for the right reasons and are raising the bar for companies operating in the space of the cannabis economy,” said Ross O’Brien. O’Brien continued, “It is through companies like Nalu Bio that we can, in turn, deliver on our mission to create $1 billion in value and positively impact 1 billion lives. We look forward to supporting Nalu Bio on their journey.”

To learn more about Nalu Bio and their team of healthcare and wellness professionals, visit Those interested in learning more about Bonaventure Equity, can visit

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About Nalu Bio
At Nalu Bio, our mission is to learn from nature, and deliver through chemistry. Nalu Bio is creating a new category of cannabinoids and cognitive wellness ingredients. The company’s proprietary organic synthesis platform will set the industry standard for purity, consistency, and quality. Nalu Bio will make these ingredients widely available to global retail and pharmaceutical markets. The company’s organic synthesis platform utilizes readily available materials and reliable manufacturing technology, eliminating the low-quality inefficiencies and high capital investment costs of hemp extraction. There will never be any pesticides, heavy metals, or THC in any of Nalu Bio’s ingredients. The company’s platform will consistently deliver quality cannabinoids that will meet the expanding demands of the market, now and in the future.