This marks the strategy’s position among the top ten performers for its peer group which includes both U.S. based and non-U.S. based managers and their products.

RALEIGH, NC, December 10, 2019 /Neptune100/ — Cardinal Capital Management, Inc. has been awarded the highest Top Guns designation for its Balanced Portfolio by Informa Investment Solutions’ PSN manager database. The firm received PSN’s 6- Star recognition for its Balanced Portfolio for the 5-year period ending September 30, 2019, marking the strategy’s position among the top ten performers for its peer group which includes both U.S. based and non-U.S. based managers and their products.

Cardinal Capital Management’s Balanced Portfolio composite is comprised of approximately 70% U.S. large cap equities, 25% high-quality bonds of laddered maturities and 5% cash. The Balanced Portfolio seeks long-term capital appreciation by predominantly investing in dividend paying U.S. equities with lower volatility in an effort to enhance the portfolio’s overall returns while at the same time allocating 25% to high- quality laddered maturity bonds in order to generate income and further reduce equity volatility.

Cardinal Capital was named a Top Gun with ratings of 6 stars for the 5-year period ending September 30, 2019. For the 5-year period, Cardinal Capital’s Balanced Portfolio ranked in the top 5th percentile of all managers globally. “We are honored to receive this award from PSN for our Balanced Portfolio that recognizes our ability to generate positive risk-adjusted, differentiated returns over time” said Glenn C. Andrews, CFA, President and Chief Investment Officer.

The 6-Star category products must have returns greater than the style benchmark for the three latest three-year rolling periods with standard deviation of return (volatility) for the five-year period equal to or less than the median standard deviation of return for the peer group. The top ten returns for the latest three-year period then become the PSN Top Guns.

The PSN universes were created using the information collected through the PSN investment manager questionnaire and use only gross of fee returns. Mutual fund and commingled fund products are not included in the universe. To be eligible for consideration, investment manager nominees must certify they are in compliance with Global Investment Performance Standards (“GIPS®”).

PSN Top Guns ranks products in six proprietary categories (1 to 6 stars) in over 50 universes through a combination of Informa Investment Solutions’ proprietary performance screens. It is a quarterly ranking that is widely used by institutional asset managers and investors. Informa Investment Solutions is part of Informa Financial Intelligence, a leading provider of critical decision-making solutions and custom services to financial institutions. The complete list of PSN Top Guns and an overview of the methodology can be located by visiting the Informa Investment Solutions website. For more details on the methodology behind the PSN Top Guns Rankings or to purchase PSN Top Guns Reports, contact Margaret Tobiasen at [email protected].

Cardinal Capital Management Inc. is an independent registered investment management firm established in 1992, that manages equity, fixed income and balanced assets for U.S. clients. The company’s clients include individuals, trusts, and foundations. Cardinal Capital Management claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®). A complete list of composite descriptions and compliant presentations are available by calling (919) 532-7500 or contacting Andrea Boyle at [email protected].