The OCMX™ is pleased to announce the listing of Clean Energy Systems, Inc. to its online portal which offers Investors and Advisors the ability to participate in this opportunity.

RANCHO CORDOVA, CA, August 26, 2019 /Neptune100/ — Design, develop, manufacture, and service enabling technologies for advanced, clean and green energy systems.

Products include:
• Pressurized oxy-combustors: direct steam gas generators, oxy-fuel reheat combustors, indirect steam gas generators (process steam generators)
• Compact heat exchangers
• Oxy-fuel turbines

Applicable markets include:
Carbon Reduction Solutions (CRS):
• Zero-Emissions Power generation
• Clean Steam for industrial processes
• Advanced heat exchange solutions for clean and green power systems such as concentrating solar power with thermal energy storage (CSP-TES), advanced nuclear power, and advanced power cycles such as supercritical carbon dioxide (sCO2) cycles
• Grid-Scale Zero-Emissions Energy Storage

Carbon Negative Energy (CNE)
• Utilizes waste biomass fuels to produce valuable products such as renewable fuels and/or power with full carbon capture

The OCMX™ is pleased to announce the listing of Clean Energy Systems, Inc. to its online portal which offers Investors and Advisors the ability to participate in this opportunity.

The OCMX™ has spent considerable time completing its due diligence on Clean Energy Systems, Inc. and concluded that there is indeed a tremendous opportunity for Investors and Advisors.

The OCMX™ noted that Clean Energy Systems, Inc. exhibits the main components of any solid investment opportunity, namely a solid management team, a great track record, and a number of key competitive advantages.


1. To change our generation’s legacy and reverse climate change

Carbon Negative Energy is on the cutting edge of a revolution in energy production

2. Opportunity to make associated businesses carbon neutral

• Example: Transportation company with 2 million tons of annual CO2 emissions can be carbon neutral with a portfolio of 3 to 6 CNE plants
• A profitable strategy to mitigate carbon emissions; turning a threat into an opportunity

3. Long term target returns in excess of 20% under current conditions

Potential for super profits through upside price volatility and greater value on CO2
Carbon pricing has increased from $20 per tonne to $50 in 2018 and could soon go to $100, with an additional $200/tonne in select markets

4. Investment Optionality – preferential treatment for future project investments

Initial CNE projects developed on a retrofit basis; 15 biomass power plants sit idle in California today with more expected to close in the coming year


Carbon Negative Energy (CNE)

• Removes existing carbon from the atmosphere while producing renewable fuels and/or power
• CES seeks to build a $1 B portfolio of carbon negative energy plants in California
• California offers a unique combination of opportunities to deploy CNE

1. Robust carbon pricing and trading network
2. Enormous potential for onshore carbon storage
3. Excess of biomass wastes and idled resources
4. Strong government support and commitment to low carbon future
5. Process produces valuable water in drought-prone agricultural zones

Carbon Reduction Solutions (CRS)

• Reduces the amount of carbon released to the atmosphere from existing industrial processes

Accomplished through:

• Clean Steam generation,
• Compact Heat Exchange solutions to enable efficient renewable energy and clean power production,
• Grid-Scale Energy Storage, and
• Zero-Emissions Power production

In addition, CES offers engineering services and legacy aerospace work to drive technology advancements that can be incorporated into its products


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