The Corporate Whistleblower Center says, “We are appealing to a manager at a publicly traded company to call us anytime at 866-714-6466 if management is lying to investors about profitability or liabilities. Get rewarded for what you can prove.”

WASHINGTON, DC, October 23, 2019 /Neptune100/ — The Corporate Whistleblower Center says, “We are now appealing to a Manager employed by a publicly-traded company anywhere in the United States to call us anytime at 866-714-6466 if your employer’s executive team is withholding extremely negative information about the company to prevent a significant stock price loss or collapse. We know shareholders do not like bad news and we also know executive teams frequently will do everything possible to spiff up quarterly reports because their continued employment, compensation and bonuses depend on it.

“As we would like to explain anytime at 866-714-6466, the bigger the company, the bigger the reward potential for the whistleblower – and we are potentially talking millions of dollars if a publicly traded company is lying to or intentionally misleading their shareholders. We might add – it happens all of the time.” https://CorporateWhistleblower.Com

Examples of the type of Corporate Executive with proof a CEO is lying to shareholders The Corporate Whistleblower Center would like to hear from include:

* A pharmaceutical company lying to their shareholders about the effectiveness of a new drug product or withholding the fact the drug is killing people or seriously injuring consumers.

* A bank or financial services company misrepresenting their financial health or hiding a serious blunder involving fees that will result in class actions and negative publicity.

* A defense contractor that has misrepresented the effectiveness of equipment, a weapons system, a ship or an aircraft in combat.

* An automobile or truck manufacturer that has withheld information about defective parts or engineering because it would taint consumer confidence and erode shareholder faith.

* Any type of US-based publicly traded company that as part of their international marketing strategy bribes foreign officials to sell their products to a specific country or region.

The Corporate Whistleblower Center says, “If you are a corporate executive and you possess solid proof your current or former employer is constantly lying to their shareholders about very serious issues that could dramatically impact price per share value of the company’s stock please call us anytime at 866-714-6466 and let’s have a confidential conversation about the whistleblower reward potential of your information. Why sit on a potentially huge winning lotto ticket without ever knowing what it might have been worth?”

Simple rules for a whistleblower from the Corporate Whistleblower Center: Do not go to the government first if you are a potential whistleblower with substantial proof of wrongdoing. The Corporate Whistleblower Center says, “Major whistleblowers frequently go to the government thinking they will help. It’s a huge mistake. Do not go to the news media with your whistleblower information. Public revelation of a whistleblower’s information could destroy any prospect for a reward. Do not try to force a company/employer or individual to come clean about significant Medicare fraud, overbilling the federal government for services never rendered, multi-million-dollar state or federal tax evasion, or a company falsely claiming to be a minority owned business to get preferential treatment on federal or state projects. Come to us first, tell us what type of information you have, and if we think it’s sufficient, we will help you with a focus on you getting rewarded.”

Unlike any group in the US the Corporate Whistleblower Center can assist a potential whistleblower with packaging or building out their information to potentially increase the reward potential. They will also provide the whistleblower with access to some of the most skilled whistleblower attorneys in the nation. For more information a possible whistleblower with substantial proof of wrongdoing can contact the Whistleblower Center at 866-714-6466 or contact them via their website at https://CorporateWhistleblower.Com