NEW YORK, NY, July 27, 2019 /Neptune100/ — There’s no question that we have all seen our fair share of failures. It’s part of life.

Life, at the end of the day — it’s not about how we react when we are doing well — but it’s about how we react when we are going through tough times.

And if there’s one example of such determination, is none other than serial entrepreneur D.Melik Monal.

Mr. Monal, a former track athlete, was at the peak of his career back in 2010, before being injured. But it was in that moment when everything changed.

Despite being a graduate of East Tennessee State University, having received multiple scholarships from universities all over the United States, awarded to him for his high performance in the track and field out of the state of Florida; D.Melik Monal had dealt with the failures of his career as an athlete in addition to the absence of his parents. He lost his Father at an early age and his Mother died due to the devastating earthquake that took place in Haiti in 2010.

Losing faith and hope after his devastating losses, he found himself struggling financially, with no help or support he began to mentally put himself in position to change his life. He began to educate himself on how to become successful. Where he stumbled across Rich dad poor dad by Robert kiyosaki the book that changed his life forever.

“I was sick and tired of being Broke, I started reading books and attending local self development seminars and started to surround myself with like-minded and successful people in hopes that it will change my life and that’s when my life began to change for the better … That’s when I started to overcome all of my obstacles and as a result I managed to build a 6 figure company and two 7 figure businesses within a 6 year timeframe,” he shared.

In spite of having experienced very hard situations in his life, he affirms that he did not use them as an excuse, but as motivation to achieve his desired financial freedom. He reiterates that this is the reason why he decided to start building his very own business and thus have the ability to live without limitations.

When it comes to his motivation, Melik doesn’t mince words:

“Seeing my Mother struggle as an immigrant in this country and watching her work in very harsh working conditions only motivated me to become successful,I promised myself I would build wealth to help my family reach Financial freedom”. Grinding and Trusting the process got me to where I am today,” he said.

His personal experience and having overcome the financial crisis that almost defeated him led him to enter the Financial industry, knowing that his problems were generated because the lack of financial literacy in his home,where he began to build a financial empire. After much success he proposed to help as many people as possible become financially free.

Currently, D.Melik Monal is in the process of building Monal Capital a financial education platform to help individuals build and maintain their personal finances and understand the importance of cash flow, credit and Real Estate.

“I came from nothing and was able to build wealth, nothing was given to me I bust my butt to make it this far. The journey is Half complete. I judge my level of success on how many people I can help not how much money I have made, there’s a difference,” he said.

Similarly, he is in the process of writing his first book, “The Financial Freedom Booklet” where he explains his story and how he’s been able to achieve success and learn how to build generational wealth. Giving financial Secrets on how to build a big business while helping others. Breaking down true assets and liabilities and more.

He admits that the biggest challenge he has had to face on this path to success was actually self discipline, putting himself in the right mindset to achieve success.

Born and raised in Belle Glade, Florida, beating all odds, but never giving up and trusting the process, it’s clear that with determination and hard work, anything is possible.

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