Four DeepTarget Clients Honored for January and February Performance

MADISON, AL, March 10, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Fintech company DeepTarget Inc. honored four of their clients with awards for their successful performance utilizing data-driven intelligence to engage their customer/member base. The awards announced during DeepTarget’s monthly Customer Success Webinars were presented for Campaign of the Month and SuperSTAR of the Month based on their ad performance in January and February, 2020.

The Campaign of the Month winners are chosen based on a combination of factors that drive high success rates, including powerful creatives and intelligent data-driven targeting. Vice President of Marketing, Gregg Hoffman at 1st Nor Cal Credit Union. was the January recipient of the Campaign of the Month with an auto loan digital campaign that resulted in remarkable success rates.

For February, the honor went to Ashley Baldeon, Marketing Creative Manager for Andrews Federal Credit Union for a targeted credit card campaign which had outstanding performance. “DeepTarget provides valuable marketing services so that we can deepen our relationship with our members with a platform that is vital to our success,” said Baldeon.

In addition, DeepTarget awards SuperSTAR honors monthly to a deserving client selected based on their utilization of Best Practices that consistently result in high Key iMpressions Indicator (KMI)™ and Key Engagement Indicator (KEI)™ numbers. DeepTarget’s KEI™ is a performance rating which also doubles as a peer ranking number. It provides a financial institution with the ability to measure how well they are engaging their members or customers.

In January, Amber McVicar, marketing specialist at Santa Ana Federal Credit Union, received this award for their outstanding KMI™ and KEI™ results throughout the month, while Raven Bell, Marketing Coordinator for AlaTrust Credit Union was the SuperSTAR winner for the month of February. Bell said, “DeepTarget gives us the opportunity to stay in front of our members by offering products and/or services they may need, which has helped us be successful in growing our membership accounts.”

DeepTarget clients, including the award winners, utilize the tech solution in order to very effectively engage their members with relevant messaging and offers. With its motto, Design Once, Engage Everywhere™, DeepTarget enables financial institutions to plan and design data-powered campaigns one time and use them to engage their account holders in unique digital experiences across all digital app spaces. For example, in December 2019, the DeepTarget platform served up 241 Million Impressions to 1.86 million digital banking customers resulting in over 13,600 new deposits, loans, and card acquisitions. These key statistics have been significantly increasing year-over-year and are an indicator of industry attentiveness to digital transformation.

Demonstrations, Pricing, & Availability DeepTarget for Mobile, Online Banking, Email and Web are available for demonstration and purchase by contacting DeepTarget or one of our reseller partners. To learn more about our DeepTarget Partner program, you can email us [email protected].

About DeepTarget Inc.
Today, hundreds of credit unions and banks across the country are using DeepTarget solutions. By automating the use of customer information, these intelligent cross-selling and customer engagement solutions deliver targeted product offers and pinpointed one-to-one messaging to millions of their banking customers. Digital channels such as mobile banking, online banking, web and email engage banking customers in a seamless communications experience, wherever, whenever and however they bank. Actionable analytics enable financial institutions to make informed decisions and drive measurable, positive result that drive success – in accelerating cross-selling, promoting product adoption, increasing loan demand and income.

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