Gorilla Trades not only identifies the best stock picks with potentially explosive growth, but tells you exactly where to set stop loss levels and when to harvest profits.

NEW YORK, NY, May 31, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Gorilla Trades is a stock-picking system that uses proprietary technology to identify stocks with high-profit potential to help investors make better-inform decisions. The company provides the insight and advice necessary to minimize losses and maximize profits. Traditionally, stock-picking has been more about speculation and guessing, where an investor has just as much a chance of failing as they had for succeeding.

Gorilla Trades aims to minimize guesswork by providing market advice to investors of all levels of expertise, from novice to professional. The core component of Gorilla Trades’ stock-picking system is a scanning tool that screens over 6,000 stocks daily, looking for 14 different technical parameters that must be met. It identifies only the best stock set-ups that the market has to offer each day. On average, one stock per day appears, and it is immediately presented to Gorilla Trades subscribers, along with a specific stop level and upside targets that the system generates.

The company’s trade secret is their knowledge of the 14 technical parameters that are almost always present when a stock is on the verge of making a significant upward move. This inflection point promises the best return on an investment. The strict selection criteria used to identify only the best investment opportunities make Gorilla Trades the perfect system for the novice investor. There is very little that one needs to know about the stock market and investing to successfully choose the best investment. Gorilla Trades equates its portfolio of ideas to a menu at a fine restaurant, where any choice you make is a great one.

With each potential new pick or Gorilla Pick, there is a stop loss, first target and second target provided. Since losses are a part of all investment endeavors, Gorilla Trades specifies stop levels with high accuracy so you can cut your losses. The system regularly raises the stop loss levels of its carefully chosen stock picks to ensure that investors remain well-positioned to maximize their gains and harvest profits optimally.

Subscribers of Gorilla Trades get daily stock picks, which are generated based on the 14 parameters that lie at the core of the company’s picking criteria. What sets Gorilla Trades apart is that it not only provides stock ideas with the best potential, but they are accompanied by a set of specific instructions to facilitates your decisions.

For instance, the stop losses and upside targets that enrich a detailed and visually comprehensible chart representing a given stock’s recent activity helps you decide exactly when to buy and when to sell. These details specify exact entry and exit points so you can make the best of your investments.

Besides its Daily Stock Picks, the company also recommends weekly options. These are explained with the clarity you need to determine the what price to purchase and/or sell calls, the exact timeframe, and other trade details. Subscribers also get the benefit of receiving a meticulous option strategy that will impress both novice and professional investors alike.

Gorilla Trades also sends out a brief midday market update each weekday, explaining the current market trends and factors that are likely to impact stocks that day. In addition, an evening newsletter contains insightful analysis of the market conditions and clues as to which direction the stock market might be heading.

As a forward-thinking company, Gorilla Trades also has offers an Android and iPhone app so you can stay informed of the stock market. You can also subscribe to text message notifications to receive alerts whenever a stock enters the portfolio or achieves its profit target at no additional costs.

Its customer support team is always available through “live chat,” where you receive a professional response to your queries instantly. If you have any questions about Gorilla Trades’ systems or need any information about the company and how it may benefit you, the support agents are more than capable of answering your questions.

All these features combine to take the mystery out of investing in the stock market. Gorilla Trades empowers its subscribers with the research and knowledge to make the best investment decisions, giving its subscribers the potential to make a fortune. Gorilla Trades offers a no-obligation, no-credit-card-required, “truly free” 30-day free trial of the full Gorilla Trades data-powered system. Enter your email address, and then immediately follow the company’s expert advice about when to purchase and sell stocks the very moment their explosive upward trajectory is set to begin.