The Four Horsemen of Retirement Apocalypse and How to Avoid Them

NEW YORK, NY, August 08, 2019 /Neptune100/ — Money Answers Show host, Jordan Goodman, invited Larry Swedroe, Chief Research Officer at Buckingham Strategic Wealth and author of “Your Complete Guide to a Secure and Successful Retirement”, to discuss discuss investments, the current focus on income generation and dividends, tax strategies and much more.

Money Answers Show episode, “Secure and Successful Retirement – YES!” analyzes the lack of resources available that cover the broad spectrum of issues that are involved with planning a life and retirement that brings joy and meaning. As medical science advances and life expectancies extend into the nineties, retirement has changed to a 30 year period that individuals need to prepare for.

Traditional investment plans are no longer relevant as retirees now need larger amounts of money and they need that money to last for a longer period of time. If individuals are not prepared for when retirement approaches they will often have to work longer than expected, be unable to leave behind an estate for their heirs, or will be unable to live a satisfying life and achieve their financial goals.

Goodman and Swedroe examine what they call the four horsemen of the retirement apocalypse which are high stock market valuations, low bond yields, increased longevity, and the risk of long term care. They also bring in a potential fifth horsemen which is the inevitability of social security running out of funds and being unable to payout the full amount expected.

Swedroe lists nine common mistakes that people make when it comes to retirement which includes sequence risk, underestimating needs, overestimating your ability to continue working, failing to provide for a spouse, and taking withdrawals from the wrong accounts.

Starting to plan is key. When you are thinking about how you are going to spend 30 years, it is essential to think not only about how to financially fund these years but think about the social aspects as well. Many find their social interactions through their career so once those connections are gone, many can become lonely. Relationships can also take a toll when couples are spending much more time together. Finding activities to give meaning and purpose to life in retirement can be a beneficial part of your retirement plan.

When asked about options such as life insurance or reverse mortgages as options for funding retirement, Swedroe offers this advice:

“Very often we see that people have more insurance than they need. I wouldn’t make any blanket recommendations, but you do want to sit down with somebody who’s not an insurance salesman and have them run the numbers and see what’s the best strategy for you.”

For more information on how to plan for a secure and successful retirement, listen to Money Answers Show episode, “Secure and Successful Retirement – YES!” and other great podcasts from the Money Answers Show.

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