MaxBill Adopts Innovative Technology to Enhance Billing and Partner Management Solution for All Providers

WEYBRIDGE, ENGLAND, September 14, 2020 /Neptune100/ — MaxBill always advocates for innovation and flexibility in the world of billing and partner management. Following one of its core values, the company is ready to evolve past being a vendor and become an all-encompassing solution for any service provider. This exciting transformation is impossible without thorough research and consequent upgrade of all the existing processes inside the company. Today, MaxBill lifts the curtain to showcase the road of digitalization it has travelled so far.

In the newly-released H1 Technological Report, you can learn more about the enhancement of the already-mature BPM workflow technology that has been tried on large order volumes in production. The MaxBill solution that incorporates BPM workflow has handled more than 250,000 orders since the beginning of the year and is now coming into the stage of enhancement with the bot platform and RPA solution.

Machine learning and data analysis play an integral part in the development of the MaxBill SEP as well. It is being created in particular, for customer churn prediction, which makes the retention process easier.

However, back-end changes and upgrades are not enough to keep partners and clients ahead of their competitors. The new award-winning MaxBill UI/UX is vital in delivering the best customer experience to clients and partners, therefore, all of the recent modules [Screenbuilder and Order Management Dashboard] have been designed following the revised guidelines.

To explore the MaxBill technological progress in more detail, have a better grasp of what is happening technology-wise in the industry and which directions are valuable to look into, download the full report on the company website.

About the Compnay:
MaxBill is delivering an all-in-one billing and partner management solution, that empowers service providers to extend their offer, expand the customer base and accelerate their business to greater profits.