Pinnacle Lending offering solutions to those affected by the pandemic.

SAN DIEGO, CA, May 20, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Pinnacle Lending features a multi-faced approach to solutions to high-interest credit card debts plus more. We are not only lenders, but we also pride ourselves in offering the industry-best practice in terms of debt settlement, debt relief, and debt consolidation. In addition, we understand that some debts can have a long-term effect on the borrower, so we work to help people stuck with such debts access debt relief through established Federal and state programs.

Tough financial times such as the one currently being witnessed as a result of COVID-19 come with unprecedented challenges of repaying loans timely. As a result, people end up with damaged credit scores and reduced borrowing ability. To help mitigate against the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, Pinnacle Lending has put in place a functional credit repair team to help you get your credit rating to the desired levels.

As an A+ rated entity on Better Business Bureau, Pinnacle Lending has the client at heart. They always ensure help is given as and when is needed. We know that being laid off, or staying off work or losing your loved ones come with serious financial challenges. In many cases, lenders do not consider all these factors since they are in the business of making profits. Contrary to this, Pinnacle Lending has a caring heart, so they are flexible in the manner they handle challenges facing clients such as you.

They will calculate your assets to debt ratio and consider all your financial commitments before advising you on what options suit your particular situation. Some of the available options may include entering a debt management program, getting legal assistance, or filing for bankruptcy whichever may apply.

Our Debt Management Program (DMP) is an ideal option for clients chocking with high-interest credit card debts that are beyond repair. A 2018 survey indicated that a majority of the people who sought the help of a debt management program had about $20,000 in unsecured credit card debt. Usually, a person enrolling for a DPM can expect to clear their debt in about five years depending on the outstanding amount and the accumulated interest.

There are beneficial debt management programs that are helping pay off debts. Firstly, you have a chance to work with some of the best and highly trained credit counselors the industry has. These professionals will diligently evaluate your financial situation and craft a budget that is affordable in the circumstances. Secondly, experts at Pinnacle Lending will change the manner in which you pay your bills, literally speaking. Other than paying multiple creditors on a monthly basis, a client will just make one easy payment to Pinnacle Lending who will, in turn, settle all creditors on your behalf. This is particularly beneficial in two ways. It helps you reduce the stress of managing multiple creditors while at the same time staying current with your loan payments. The second way is you leave the creditors to be in contact with us, allowing us to work out ways of reducing your financial burden such as negotiating interest rates, waive of penalties. Clearly, an effective debt management program can significantly reduce the overall amount of money you owe (and subsequently pay your creditors) and reduce the time it will take you to pay off all your debts.

In addition to a DMP, Pinnacle has announced free educational materials aimed at helping clients like you become more knowledgeable financially. By the time you are done with paying off your debt through our DPM, you will have a better comprehension of ways you can rebuild your credit, deal with credit card debts, consolidate loans, and much more.

So what else are you waiting for? Do not sit back and watch as the effects of COVID-19 worsens your already delicate financial situation. Instead, contact Pinnacle Lending since they are always willing to stretch their helping hand.