Little Rock and Raleigh-based company is launching a new metabolic health analysis to help health professional identify individual’s diabetic risks

LITTLE ROCK, AR, September 02, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Precision Health Reports, a new digital health diagnostics company, raised $300k in pre-seed convertible note funding to launch their new Diabetic Risk Assessment product into a new SaaS platform. These new diagnostic tools enable physicians, dietitians, and health coaches to accurately identify and manage individual risk for developing type 2 diabetes.

“With diabetes and cardiovascular disease being significant comorbidities contributing to the severity of the current COVID-19 pandemic, we felt the urgency to rapidly make these analyses available to our clients nationwide,” explains Matthew Martin, CEO of Precision Health Reports. “We are honored that we were able to bring together angel investors, including several physicians and seasoned business professionals, that understand the value that we are bringing with these effective diagnostic tools.”

Martin and cofounder Dr. William Cromwell, M.D., Chief Medical Officer for Precision Health Reports, started Precision Health Reports to make individual risk analysis for metabolic and cardiovascular disease more accurate, faster, and to arm care providers and individuals with the proper insights to develop a tailored plan for early intervention. Cardiovascular disease is the #1 leading cause of death in the U.S. with type 2 diabetes being the 7th leading cause of death. These two devastating diseases cost over $500B in direct healthcare costs annually to treat.

Dr. William Cromwell, M.D., Chief Medical Officer for Precision Health Reports explained, “Diabetes, heart attacks, and stroke are metabolically linked by a complex array of risk factors that together constitute a person’s global cardiometabolic risk. Integrating global cardiometabolic risk factors with appropriate clinical guidelines allows providers to develop a highly personalized treatment plan, as well as follow individual response to therapy so that therapy can be adjusted to optimize reduction in diabetes, heart attack, and stroke risk.”

Individual risk assessments from Precision Health Reports integrate personal medical information, outcome-proven biomarkers, and evidence-based guidelines that uniquely discriminate individual risk for cardiometabolic diseases. Clients using these risk assessments are able to tailor individual therapy plans to reduce a person’s risks of diabetes and cardiovascular events then track the individual’s response to their prescribed treatment plan.

Precision Health Reports was founded in April 2020 to provide a digital health diagnostics tool that address individual cardiometabolic risk. Learn more at