Markets’ Recent Gyrations Heightens Focus on Retirement Planning Fundamentals

CHICAGO, IL, July 02, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Has the recent movements of the stock market caused you to question the security of your 401(k) plan? If so, then you should definitely read a posting called “Vision Quest” ( ), by the owner of wealth management firm The Planning Perspective ( Anthony Rhodes, on his popular How To Invest blog ( which addresses the importance of retirement planning fundamentals, especially during moments like these.

“The best defense for unprecedented times is to focus on the fundamentals; tried and true methods which have proven resourceful during other difficult periods.” he began. “This is especially keen for individuals who are reaching the end of their working years, and will require their retirement plans to sustain them for the rest of their lives in the very near future.” he added. “The recent fluctuations of the market can be quite frightening for them, as they watch their 401(k)’s value rise and fall haphazardly on a seemingly daily basis.” he followed. “But there is a light at the end of the tunnel for those who plan accordingly, and for others, this is a good time to implement strategies which can immediately begin to protect their assets”.

What are the primary investing lessons to be learned during these times? Is it too late if we’ve yet to adjust our 401(k) for these new realities? These questions are addressed within the post.

“For many of us, the stakes have never been higher regarding the importance of protecting our retirement reserves than they are right now.” he stated. “The economy is losing jobs in a manner in which we’ve never experienced before, which means that it will take years, not quarters, to place us back where we were just a few short months ago.” he added. “This does not bode well for widespread market growth over the near term, which directly translates to shortfalls for your average diversified 401(k).” he continued. “The new reality means that we should focus intensely on the fundamentals to guide us through, and I explain step by step procedures which all workers should implement to help them to get the most out of their retirement plans during these difficult times.”