Augmented reality is here for good

SACRAMENTO, CA, November 11, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Augmented reality is here for good and the reason why is because it is easily and affordably accessible. The convenience and affordability of AR lies in the user’s smartphone, AR does not require any additional expensive equipment to participate in an immersive experience, like its counterpart VR; AR can be experienced from the user’s smartphone and nothing else is needed. The only limitation to AR is there are not many experiences to interact with because it is expensive and difficult for brands and businesses to create engaging AR experiences for their consumer, until now.

InterApp has created a solution for creative directors and graphic designers of brands and businesses to easily and affordably deliver AR experiences to their consumers, with their web based creator content platform. It uses augmented reality to connect rich media content to per-existing print, packaging and apparel graphics for the consumer to interact with exclusive content, such as video, photos, animation, 3D and hyperlinks, through a combination of the consumer’s smartphone camera and screen.

Co-founder and CEO Will Brown notes how InterApp is needed for brands to succeed today, “we believe InterApp helps in strengthening a brand’s message and value proposition through increased engagements, which is even more important in today’s competitive environment.” InterApp provides a medium to multi-channel marketing for brands and businesses to stay connected with their consumer, increase a consumer’s lifetime value and help reach valuable key metrics.

If you are a graphic designer and or creative director and your area of focus is print, packaging and apparel graphic design you can connect with InterApp by visiting their website at

InterApp Inc. was founded in 2016 with its headquarters located in Sacramento, California. InterApp builds products that enable creatives to create and consumers to interact with print, packaging and apparel graphics through augmented reality experiences delivered via a combination of a web-based content creator and an image recognition app for smart mobile devices available for free on iTunes and Google Play store.