Analysts expect NFT asset speculation to become a multi-billion dollar industry within the next 5 years

TORONTO, ON, April 06, 2021 /Neptune100/ — As Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are exploding in popularity in the art and merchandise industry, new applications are being discovered for their underlying technology in currently unexplored markets.

Darkwood Capital is spearheading the creation of a novel way for investors to generate returns outside of traditional stock and crypto markets by securitizing Non-Fungible Tokens, a cryptocurrency based virtual asset built on the Ethereum blockchain that is scarce, immutable and cannot be duplicated.

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While all other NFTs are being purchased en masse with the hope that they may one day appreciate in value, Darkwood Capital sells NFTs as investable securities and actively conducts business development and in depth analysis to add value to client’s investments in an NFT security.

Securitizing NFTs requires working in detail with third party legal and compliance officers to ensure compatibility with all relevant regulatory requirements.

Founded by a former Derivatives Trader and Account Executive at IBM, Darkwood Capital is bringing a unique financial product to market in an industry with limitless growth potential.

Founder and CEO Daniel Toppan explained as follows:

“It is our vision to offer an alternative to outdated forms of investing and build a financial industry that is future-proofed. Darkwood Capital was conceived of from dealing with the challenges that I faced in my own personal experience in the investment industry, which have been even further augmented by the impacts of COVID-19. With NFTs, the possibility to generate greater returns than traditional markets is present due to the immense growth potential and promise of the NFT ecosystem and cryptocurrency as a whole.”

Darkwood Capital is also bringing exceptional customer service through after sale benefits, services and perquisites that clients would not normally receive at traditional financial institutions.

Such benefits include no fees or management expenses of any kind, complimentary consulting services for clients pertaining to the rest of their crypto and investment portfolio along with customized service and after sale support for onboarding that is tailored to any level of technical expertise. Strategic project management and advisory services on other business areas can be requested as well.

Additionally, Darkwood Capital has made a commitment to sustainability by donating 3% of their net profits to the Nature Conservancy of Canada, to preserve the Darkwood forests, a 63,000 hectare parcel of land located in Western Canada.

Darkwood Capital is a securities brokerage that sells NFTs to investors to generate returns over a long-term hold. Darkwood is changing the landscape of the financial industry by going above and beyond to deliver exceptional value and service to clients in a space that is almost entirely decentralized. Founded in 2020, Darkwood has already seen initial traction with no marketing spend whatsoever.

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