The westerners’ love for Ayurvedic hair oil has led this Indian startup to global success in 2020. A startup from India has taken the 5000 years of wisdom of Ayurveda and packed into a bottle. Ayurveda says the health of your hair is connected to the happenings in your nervous system and gut. This startup has worked through all the aspects mentioned in Ayurveda and has formulated the blend.

Hello Hair Oil is an ayurvedic hair oil from India that is a blend of 7 oils in 7 seeds. Hello Hair Oil nourishes and strengthens the hair in less than 60 days. The customers from Los Angeles have been happy with the results.

With the power of Ayurveda secrets packed into a bottle, the Hello Hair oil is helping prevent hair loss while strengthening their roots for long-term vitality. The pandemic has been stressful for a lot many people and it has caused the self-care market to improve rapidly. Thanks to the properties contained within Hello Hair Oil’s unique remedy for hair loss, the company has seen the rapid expansion of its product sales in the UK and the US this year.

The ingredients are USDA Organic certified and include Virgin Coconut oil, Mustard oil, Olive oil, Castor oil, Hemp seed oil, Vitamin E oil, Almond and Jojoba oil , Adzuki Beans, Cow peas, Methi seeds, Kalonji, Rajma beans, Curry leaves. The Vetiver roots in the oil help in deep nourishment of scalp and hair roots.

The secret Ayurvedic blend in Hello Hair Oil that has 7 oils in 7 seeds provides the necessary protein to the hair and helps in preventing hair loss and eliminating the frizz.

Hello Hair Oil has been shipping internationally and has become one of the fastest growing Indian Ayurvedic brands in the US that is helping thousands of customers reduce hair loss and help hair regrowth.

With more customers moving closer to the natural substitutes for self-care, we see that players like Hello Hair Oil have a great chance to become a trend.