NEW YORK, NY, August 21, 2019 /Neptune100/ — Owning a million dollar brand, going dead broke and rebuilding into a 6 figure income are just some of the things Jake Stahl has accomplished in his young years.

For Jake, everything started when he was working as a club promoter, trying to make ends meet. He suddenly had the random idea of starting a fashion brand.

“I knew how to source the goods overseas but I didn’t have the capital, and once I had the capital from maxing out a credit card (my dad had to pay my rent that month), I didn’t know how to promote it,” He states.

This is when Jake started reaching out to as many large pages so that they could promote his brand. Within a few months, his sales went from $0 to $10,000-$15,000 a month.

“I had NO idea what I was doing, just knew that I found my niche and I’m going to ride the wave for as long as I can,” Jake recalls.

That wave lasted 4 years for Jake.

Jake was on top of Everest with his brand. He was bringing in as much as $50k a month, doing $10k a day on their best days. Then one day it was like someone flipped a switch, those 10k days turned into $100 days and suddenly his brand had gone dark.

“It was sad, very sad because this brand changed me, it connected me to people who I thought I could only look at their life on Instagram and wish it was mine, it put money in my pocket and catapulted me into a different bracket of friends and relationships. I could finally say, I own a million dollar brand,” He remembers.

But all was not lost for this young entrepreneur. He decided to take all of the relationships he had built and mentor other start up brands and aspiring influencers who needed the extra push. He works to build people’s presence online & operates world recognized brands such as @all4hype and @vvip.

Today, Jake now is a serial entrepreneur, dipping his feet into social media marketing, mentorship, and his new fashion brand “Jaks”.

Jake doesn’t sell dreams like most of the other social media marketers. He doesn’t have a copy and paste method. He is also not looking to scam people out of their money by selling them information they could read on google.

“I am 100 % transparent and clients come knocking on my door, I don’t seek them out,” He stated boldly.

For Jake, success used to mean lamborghinis, penthouse views, stacks of cash sitting on a table, but now it is as simple as this:

“Money isn’t success, of course it’s a perk of the word “success” but being successful to me is being well known in an industry where people rely on me to get the job done and from there comes wealth. Being rich will only last so long, I’m not in this to get rich,” Jake shared.

So if there’s one key takeaway we can learn from Jake, is that within the world of success, money isn’t an immediate correlation of it’s worth — actually it’s the value we provide — and that’s what Jake has been doing since day one.

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