Moving is, for the most part, an enjoyable experience. For many people, it means starting fresh, moving up the corporate ladder, or gaining new family members through marriage or children. But what about during COVID-19?

It’s no surprise that during the past year or so, moving has become a bit more of a challenge, as well as a risk. In some cases, it still has to be done, though – and when it does, we’re here to help.

What We Do

Imperial Freight Lines is Lauderhill’s #1 local and interstate moving company. We’re ready and willing to help you move your couch, bed, and 60-inch TV up and down any and all necessary flights of stairs. That’s right – we’ll do it, so your friends don’t have to!

We specialize in both local and interstate moving, which means that whether you’re moving down the street or to another state, we’re still available to help. Local moves are generally considered to be moves that have point A and point B within 50 miles of each other, while interstate moves are – obviously – when your move takes you across state lines.

Imperial Freight Lines have been in business and helping families move for more than 10 years, during which we’ve moved 100s of families into states around the country, so you could say that we have plenty of professional experience.  Each and every member of our team loves what they do and has been extensively trained in both customer services and the logistics of hauling and packing household items so that you can guarantee that your belongings will arrive at their destination safe and sound.

If you’re moving from California like so many of our clients are (in 2019 nearly half of Californian voters showed some interest in leaving the Sunny State!), there’s no need to fear! Even though we’re busy, we always have time for you.

How We Do It

With COVID-19 running rampant around the globe, we’ve had to adapt. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Imperial Freight Lines have developed extensive safety procedures and protocols that are followed to a T by every member of the team.

All of our movers and drivers wear masks as per COVID-19 guidelines. We ask that members of the team who are feeling ill stay home to rest and recuperate and do not come to work. In addition, we take sanitization incredibly important. So much so, in fact, that we sanitize once every hour that we’re in contact with a customer or inside of their home. Talk about dry skin!

As we move clients across state lines, we adapt and adjust to each state’s unique COVID-19 guidelines and best practices. Also, regardless of where we are, we practice social distancing whenever possible to keep everyone involved safe and healthy. 

Imperial Freight Lines follow all of these important safety measures while maintaining our top-tier level of service and efficiency. We’ll continue to do so until we’ve seen the last of COVID-19 – and that’s our promise to you.