6 Crucial Steps for Winter Prep

NEW YORK, NY, July 26, 2019 /Neptune100/ — Is your landscape prepared for the Fall? We know, you don’t want to think about the brisk nights while you’re still enjoying your days at the pool, but it’s important to at least have a checklist put together. If you’re not sure where to start, John Mini Distinctive Landscapes provides you with the Fall checklist that you need.

Feed Your Grass

Your grass needs food too! Just like a bear, your grass needs all the food and nutrients to hibernate before the cold, frosty nights start to settle in. Eventually, your grass will die the more snow lays on it, but feeding it will help your landscape put up a fight for those Fall cold nights.


As pretty as leaves may look flowering your green grass, they should be raked up and bagged. Leaves will suffocate your lawn, killing your grass a lot sooner than you’d hoped. Sometimes we get premature Fall snowfall. If the snow falls onto the leaves, it’ll be heavier to pick up and will turn your grass brown, quickly.

Cut Dead Limbs

If your landscaping includes trees, chances are there may be some over-grown or hanging limbs. Make sure to have these cut-down or removed before the winter begins to prevent damage to the rest of your area.

Plant Fall Plants & Flowers

Plants and flowers that thrive in the Fall will keep your landscaping nice to look at when the summer is over. Don’t just take everything out or let it all die. Instead, add new plants that will add color and life! Some great ideas include mums, aster, and flowering kale.


The Fall is the best season to start hardscaping. If you have been planning for a path, walkway, fountain, or retainer wall, it’s time to make your appointment. Although hardscaping can be done at any point in the year, the Fall is the best because you’re already changing your landscape for the Winter. Why disturb your Spring flower beds and other features when you can have it done already come Spring!

Winterize Your Irrigation System

Winterizing your irrigation system is more than just turning it off for the season. This process should be done by professionals at some point from late October to early December. John Mini Distinctive Landscapes will make sure this is completed accurately to prevent any freezing or other issues the Winter may cause.

If your landscaping needs any of this done, contact John Mini Distinctive Landscapes. We know how important maintenance is to a landscape, so our skilled team is capable of making sure everything is ready for the Fall and the Winter. Also, we can easily and skillfully transition your Summer landscape to Fall successfully. Contact us at www.johnmini.com to get started.

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