Contains up-to-date information on best practices and industry expectations

PORTLAND, OR, March 03, 2021 /Neptune100/ — Whitman Partners, a surgical services search firm, has partnered with Kathy W. Beydler, interim perioperative leader, keynote speaker, and consultant, to publish The Survey Survival Guide: Pocket Guide to Survey Success.

Beydler wrote the guide to serve as a step-by-step refresher containing valuable information hospital and surgery center surveyors are looking for and a reminder to staff and leadership to highlight the good work they are already doing.

“Leadership outside the red line doesn’t always know or understand what is happening behind the redline and that can make a facility vulnerable to deficiencies. My goals are to both educate and celebrate,” Beydler said.

Josiah Whitman, CEO of Whitman Partners, said that survey preparation can often be a source of stress for hospitals and surgery centers.

“We are grateful to Kathy for sharing her knowledge and expertise as both an OR leader and a practicing surveyor,” Whitman said. “This combination of ‘in the trenches’ experience combined with rigorous standards and compliance acumen is what makes the idea for a guidebook for OR staff so valuable. Resources such as this can make a huge, positive impact on a facility’s OR survey.”

Recently, Beydler discussed hospital surveys in Whitman Partners’ 5-Key Points Series titled, “Survey Without Tears: How to Ace Your Hospital Accreditation,” where she gives a general overview of what to expect during the survey process.

Founded in 2006, Whitman Partners is a national leader in permanent placements, interim assignments, and survey-preparedness consulting for Surgical Services. The firm serves level 1 trauma centers, large academic medical facilities, physician-owned ASC’s, and hospitals in both urban and rural areas.