Melanin Owned Business Launchpad, project by Unique Butterflies, Inc. and Tina Brinkley Potts, helps black women-owned businesses compete in this new digital economy

PHILADELPHIA, PA July 22, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Keap, the leading provider of CRM, sales and marketing automation software to small businesses, announces a $12,000 grant to Unique Butterflies, Inc’s Melanin Owned Business Launchpad project to support black women-owned businesses.

“Black women are less likely to get access to capital, technology and other resources necessary to grow a business in today’s climate, despite the fact black women are starting more businesses every single day than any other segment of the population,” said Tina Brinkley Potts, Certified Keap Partner and digital growth strategist. “Since I’ve been scaling companies to 6, 7 and 8 figures in revenue for years using sound strategies and automation, I knew it was time to help.”

In December 2019, Ms. Brinkley Potts partnered with Unique Butterflies, Inc. a 501©3 organization to create the Melanin Owned Business Launchpad. The Launchpad gives black women owned business access to business consulting, sales and marketing software and services needed to help them scale their revenue beyond the $100,000 per year mark. Currently, according to the State Of Women Owned Business Report commissioned by American Express, the average revenue for a black women owned business is $24,000 in comparison to $142,900 for all women owned businesses.

“Our goal for 2020 was to help 100 black women owned businesses scale beyond the $100,000 mark. Due to COVID-19 and the racial unrest in the world, we’ve doubled that number to 200. I knew it was time to ask for help and reached out to Clate Mask, the CEO of Keap. It took him less than an hour to say yes! It is yet another reason why I am so grateful to be a part of the Keap community,” said Tina Brinkley Potts.

“Black-owned small businesses have been hit hard by COVID-19 with 40% reporting they weren’t working in April,” said Mask. Many small businesses continue to struggle because they lack easy access to capital or cannot quickly and easily move their businesses online. Listening and educating ourselves on the issues is a first step but it’s not enough. We must take action if we want to see meaningful change. Keap is thrilled to be part of Tina’s mission to empower 200 black-owned female businesses to scale to $100,000 in revenue. We’re also excited to give $1000 grants to 50 black-owned small businesses in the US with our Keep Going Grant program.”

If you want to learn more or donate to the Melanin Owned Business Launchpad to reduce the disparity for black women owned businesses, please visit the Unique Butterflies, Inc.’s Facebook Page.

To learn about Keap’s response to racism and #blacklivesmatter, please visit To apply for Keap’s Keep Going Grant visit this application page.