We just published a free Website Redesign RFP Template for download and an 11-step web design proposal guide designed to help you get that perfect website.

WASHINGTON, DC, June 24, 2020 /Neptune100/ — If your organization is embarking on a Website Redesign RFP you’re probably asking yourself how can we make this as successful as possible?

Our team has reviewed hundreds of RFP’s and we’ve identified the 11 areas that help attract digital agencies to your website redesign project. Check out our complete article here

What makes a good RFP? A well-written website redesign RFP should be able to summarize your challenges, requirements, scope, and budget. Addressing the elements outlined in our guide will help your team avoid unnecessary questions and save considerable time for everyone involved.

Of the hundreds of RFP’s we’ve reviewed here are some of the top questions we’ve been asked during the website redesign process:

How can you make your website redesign RFP better?
How many companies should I submit our RFP to?
What is a realistic timeframe for an RFP?
Should you consider budgets that are higher than the budget listed in your RFP?

To learn answers to these and the intricacies of writing the perfect RFP visit: allianceinteractive.com/blog/how-to-write-a-website-redesign-rfp-in-11-steps-template-download

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