Matt Tommy was born in Tokyo, Japan and moved to Australia at the age of 4. Growing up, during his teenage years, he fell in love with competitive swimming and swam with the likes of the current Australian Olympians. Matt had a drive to compete at the highest level in sports, which then translated into other fields such as entrepreneurship, networking and sales. The turning point was when he was going down the traditional route of studying biomedical sciences and on the path to join the family tree of STEM professionals, is when he made a crucial decision that would change his life. 

Just before applying for university in Australia, he decided that he needed a change, which led him to studying his degree in Canada. From thereon, he made a few connections with multiple self-help coaches and came across a way in which he would be able to build his business online by becoming a ‘high-ticket sales closer’. Matt’s business essentially helps entrepreneurs sell their high ticket programs that range from $3000-25,000 over the phone, thereby scaling their businesses to multiple 7 and 8 figures, without high overhead or a large sales team. Once he had closed 7 figures over the phone, he began duplicating his efforts and recognising patterns after being a part of campaigns that produced as a company from $20 million a year on an Amazon Mentorship program. 

After building a track record and a huge network referrals came in hot and began to recruit sales closers who were willing to be paid by a commission only payment structure that could produce all closers 6-figures a year. Matt Tommy now leads multiple teams of sales closers, Conversion Kingz, on different high-ticket coaching programs, allowing him to become a sales consultant to virtually any business that needs sales closers. Not only that, but he now consults business on  tracking, data science work, call audits, lead flow optimisation and authority building content. 

Business Automation Growth is one of Matt Tommy’s new endeavours that he entered with two of his business partners, Hassan Hamid and Michael Dallas-Petersen. They have created a unique experience of coaching business owners, in an attempt to ‘‘make coaching great again’ as he expresses. Business Automation Growth offers custom virtual assistants that provide sales opportunities allowing agency owners, coaches or business leaders to focus on being on the phone, which makes them sales, rather than doing tasks that do not deliver results. This allows business leaders to go from the operator to the owner, giving them true freedom. 

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