NEW YORK, NY, September 30, 2019 /Neptune100/ — In our time, influence has become highly marketable and valuable. Social media influencers are an economic asset for multiple companies and enterprises, which can through influencers’ platforms get their products promoted. But how are influencers created?

Nathaniel Gerdes knows all about social media growth, including what it takes to become an influencer. That is why he is most known for his product “Instant Influence: The Secrets That Create Influencers” through which he teaches how to create a brand and become a social media superstar.

Nathaniel got into the business growth industry after reading about it, when he had just graduated high school. He had a day job at a sandwich shop and wanted to become a professional skateboarder, but one day everything changed when his girlfriend dumped him, he broke his foot, and was fired from the shop. In search for a new beginning, Nathaniel started learning from different mentors and their books, about success, wealth and the law of attraction.

“I began learning things that were amazing and life changing. However, in the beginning, my understanding was primitive and whenever I tried to share these new ideas people would generally say I had gone ‘crazy’.” he recalls.

Nonetheless, after some attempts at starting clothing companies and getting involved in photography for a while, he got involved with H Collective. This company hired him to lead influencer campaigns to create content in cool locations and develop brand awareness.

After this gig, Nathaniel began to do more campaigns on his own, helping bigger and more famous clients. This eventually led him to help a close friend’s family invest in a business idea, which unfortunately turned out to be a scam. Seeing his friend’s family lose so much broke Nathaniel in a way. To this day it remains the biggest obstacle he’s overcome. Due to this experience, Nathaniel always goes the extra mile to ensure people never get scammed.

“When the scam happened, I had terrible panic attacks, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t trust people. But even though I had been devastated, I still had an extremely deep understanding of how to grow a social media presence.” Nathaniel says.

Nathaniel got back to the business in order to help a friend grow her Instagram account. In less than a year, she grew to over one million followers. Since then, Nathaniel has not looked back. He began tripling customers’ followers and income seemingly overnight. He was able to travel and he even bought his dream car, a Tesla 3. And he did all of this while helping others grow their media presence.

“I love seeing how deeply happy people get when they achieve goals. So when I first started seeing people become very successful with my strategies, I made it a full-time career.” he remarks.

What inspired him to enter this business was his upbringing. He grew up traveling the United States with his grandparents, having been to 48 states by the age of 11. Then when he moved to Northern California for High School, he was determined to meet new people and make long lasting friends, since all his other friends throughout his life had been temporal. A mix of his upbringing and the right mindset is what gave Nathaniel success.

“Mindset is everything when starting your business. It is the most important factor for determining the success of your business. Anyone can win the lottery, but only those with the right mindset are able to use the money wisely so it lasts forever.” Nathaniel says.

Likewise, Nathaniel also advises to be surrounded by people who do things you would like to do, or lead lives you would like to live. He says it is important to shadow them and learn from them.

“Ask them questions,” he emphasizes.

Having dealt with panic attacks for some time, Nathaniel recognizes the power of fear. For him, fear is having something cut off too early. Opposite to this is success, which for Nathaniel means setting a goal and achieving it no matter how big or small. It is mindset what can get people from fear to success. In addition, Nathaniel thinks it is important to remember we are all human beings who need food, sleep and air–the only difference between a successful person and a regular person is what they do with their time. As long as you change how you spend your time so it resembles the results you want to see, you are on the right path.

As a social media expert, Nathaniel’s success depends on the success of its clients, and not of his competition. He does not care about what other branding specialists do, what he cares about is showing results to his clients.

“My relationship is with my clients. In terms of growing their social presence, it is just between me and them. As long as I am constantly doing what is right for my clients, I don’t really care too much about what the competition is doing.” Nathaniel states.

Nathaniel’s next projects include releasing a course on how to make money as a creative. He wants to share with artists and other personalities what he has learned over the past 5 years on how to make money. He wants to continue helping people and businesses grow.

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