NEW YORK, NY, September 09, 2019 /Neptune100/ — Since he could remember, Michael Bitonti, has had a deep rooted desire to change the world. He has made it his life’s mission to solve the world’s water problems and is fully committed to that cause.

Michael currently operates three companies that range from clean water solutions for the residential and commercial markets, digital marketing and business consulting, and a government wholesale contracting company.

He has dedicated his life to creating ideas/solutions/and capital to aid the efforts in developing countries on the topic of clean water solutions and availability to those who currently do not have consistent access to clean water.

His biggest project, Wave Makers, currently reaches people in over 26 States in the US and 6 Countries across the world!

He was introduced to the conversation of clean water by his best friend and business partner Nick Teixeira. In a recent interview Michael stated: “Initially the conversation was simply high ticket sales with a new, exciting, and successful product in the clean water industry. Once I began working with the product and experiencing the benefits for myself I found a hidden passion for the topic of conversation and as I began falling more and more in love with the topic I made the decision that the issues I was seeing were going to be the issues globally that I was going to spend my life seeking solutions for.”

The biggest challenge he faced when entering the entrepreneurial path was unlearning everything he thought he knew.

“Our education system is designed to aid you in becoming an employee. Very little of formal education teaches you the tools required to start/run/and operate something for yourself,” he said.

He had to learn how to get out of his own way. By getting rid of bad habits like low standards, need for approval, and focusing on others’ opinions, he was able to work on himself and propel himself to where he is today.

“Your lesser self is your biggest enemy in regards to becoming a successful entrepreneur,” he emphasized.

When Michael began this journey he knew he had to make a decision.

“In our current economy there are MILLIONS of things and ideas and projects that can generate a return. You need to be able to make a decision on what is going to feed your soul and maintain your attention long enough to reach profit,” he bodly said.

So he looked for his father as his biggest motivation when starting his life of entrepreneurship.

“My father is my greatest inspiration and catalyst in me deciding to take the difficult path of being an entrepreneur. He was constantly at my sports games and was always available to the family while still being able to generate the income required to keep our very large family secure in abundance. I knew by watching him continue to be mobile and free and work from where he wanted to work from that the entrepreneurial path was where i wanted to exist,” he shared.

Once he was able to identify the path he wanted to take in life, nothing else mattered. People’s opinions and any obstacles he faced no longer mattered to him because he knew he had a purpose in life that he had to pursue. This is also why he does not believe in having competition in regards to clean water.

“Cleaning up the world’s water and plastic is going to take the combined efforts of many. By being open to collaboration we are keeping our eyes on the real mission and goal of why we started in the first place,” he said.

His next upcoming project is the construction of WaveMakers’ first clean water well in Africa, where the team will be traveling there to participate in the building of the well, as well as interacting with the village.

Michael Bitonti is a testimony to how life should be lived. He is somebody who has sacrificed his life to become an example for others to follow in both entrepreneurship and in the pursuit of a purpose driven life. By tackling on an issue as big as global access to clean water, he is showing the world that it is possible to make a difference in this world if you go all in.

To learn more about Michael Bitonti and his projects, visit him on instagram here.