As the outbreak of COVID19 affects the country, many employers are faced with the challenge of how to navigate through pandemic parameters while remaining vigilant to the potential dangers that can emanate from inside the workplace.

CLEARWATER, FL, May 19, 2020 /Neptune100/ — As thousands of employees who have been working remotely for weeks are starting to return to their offices, people find themselves under tremendous strain and pressure. They’re worried about the health and safety of themselves and their family members. They’re facing financial stress due to reduced hours at work or losing a job. And they’re concerned about shortages of essential items like medical supplies and food. When people are under stress, and faced with immeasurable odds they may react to ordinary situations in unusual ways including resorting to violence. Workplace Leaders must prepare to respond to workplace violence, and take the necessary preventative measures to protect their employees and their customers.

During stressful times it’s even more critical that a business implements and strategically enforces its workplace violence protocols. Workplace Leaders know that violence in the workplace can emanate from an inside hostile, toxic environment, or externally, where a perpetrator intent on doing harm enters the premises. So Situational Awareness remains the operative phrase in the midst of COVID-19. Workplace Leaders must create and implement procedures to reduce the threat of violence in the workplace. We’re living in chaotic and turbulent times. Short on resources, and amidst great stress, people can become prickly—defensive, short-tempered, even helpless.

“People can be stretched to their breaking point—but this does not have to happen—the workplace does not have to become a pressure cooker,” says Claire Knowles, of Nagele, Knowles and Associates. The trusted advisors of Nagele, Knowles and Associates teach Leaders how to identify the threats facing businesses and employees, especially during times of uncertainty.

Here are a few types of workplace violence that Workplace Leaders must prepare for:

Criminal intent – the perpetrator has no prior relationship with the victim or business, and the violence is usually incidental to another crime

Customer or client – the perpetrator has a prior relationship with the business as a customer, client, patient, or student and becomes violent while being served by someone in the business.

Worker-on-worker – a current or former employee threatens another employee in the workplace.

Personal relationships / Domestic violence – the perpetrator has a relationship with the victim but not the business, such as when a domestic dispute spills over into the workplace.

These are just a few potential risk factors to consider while assessing vulnerabilities to workplace safety, even more in volatile and uncertain times.

“Effective leaders know that they must mitigate the risks—COVID and non-COVID,” says Robin Nagele, Partner. He adds, “It is critical your organization be prepared. Assessing your vulnerabilities is essential.”

Respect is a key requirement for a healthy work environment. It promotes teamwork and increases productivity and efficiencies in the workplace. Leadership expert, Richard Knowles, PhD and Senior Partner at Nagele, Knowles and Associates, lifts up a guiding tenet: “Treating everyone with respect helps to keep tension low. Courteous, respectful treatment of co-workers, customers and clients is fundamental to preventing workplace violence.” Leaders are searching for answers and strategies that are effective for reducing the risks that are threatening the doorstep from multiple angles.

That is why Nagele, Knowles and Associates have written “The Guide to Reducing the Risk of Workplace Violence…the Absolute Essentials.” It is timely guidance for Leaders as they apply Leadership skills and organizational capacity to address the prevention of workplace violence across the spectrum. This book has been revered as the gold standard for Leaders; a compendium that includes the absolute essentials you need to know—all in one book. Available on Amazon.

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