Louis Law Group, a personal injury and property claim law firm, has established a new office in West Palm Beach. The firm intends to meet the immense demand for its services and help Palm Beach residents obtain the compensation that they deserve.

WEST PALM BEACH, FL, July 16, 2020 /Neptune100/ — Miramar-based Louis Law Group is continuing its rapid and impressive growth by breaking new ground in West Palm Beach. The firm has a team of eight insurance attorneys with decades of experience. Louis Law Group attorneys are well-trained and motivated to help clients obtain full and just compensation from their insurance companies.

About Louis Law Group

Louis Law Group is unique because of its experience and overwhelming focus on client service. It has spent decades interacting with and litigating against insurance companies. Using that experience, Louis Law Group attorneys can shift the odds in their clients’ favor and dramatically increase the chances of obtaining a positive outcome.

Insurance policyholders often think that submitting a claim and obtaining compensation is relatively straightforward. The reality is more complicated. Insurance companies can be intransigent. They may submit unacceptably low settlement offers, or reject policyholders’ claims outright. There are plenty of reasons for potential rejections, including missed premium payments and claims beyond the scope of the policy. A rejection can lead to stress, frustration, and anger for the claimant.

Louis Law Group attorneys understand these realities. Their goal is to aggressively represent their clients when interacting with their insurance companies regarding their claims for water damage, fire damage, hurricane damage, hail damage, and even theft damage.

Upon retaining a client, the firm’s attorneys take on a wide range of responsibilities. They will handle all the correspondence with client’s insurance company, gather evidence and craft arguments in support of the client’s claim, negotiate a potential settlement offer, and even litigate the client’s claim in court. No job is too small, and Louis Law Group attorneys always work tirelessly to obtain a positive outcome.

According to Pierre A. Louis, the senior managing attorney at Louis Law Group, “Our attorneys are game-changers. They are aggressive and can help their clients receive full compensation for their property damage claims. Our clients’ insurance companies should tread lightly.”

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West Palm Beach, FL 33411
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