Residents Medical Group of Los Angeles, California, is giving medical students opportunities in spite of the global pandemic.

LOS ANGELES, CA, December 24, 2020 /Neptune100/ — The Coronavirus pandemic has disturbed the life of everyone, and one of the most affected demographics is that of students doctors who are facing new challenges in their already-difficult career path. They need to continue studying, but cannot in the way they desire, making medical students bitter and somewhat distracted from their real life goals. Residents Medical stood – and continues to stand- by the sides of national and international medical students, especially those who had to skip one month of their clinical experience during the pandemic crisis. This phase of uncertainty is quite challenging for every student, but medical students face more problems because they need more practical world experience.

Online Medical School

Every university and medical school has switched from traditional classes to online zoom classes. Medical students complete the first two years in an academic setting and the last two years in clinical areas and hospitals. These two plus two models of medical school by Flexner prevail everywhere. According to first-year students, online zoom classes aren’t large struggles because they function more like traditional classes. There are some connectivity and distortion problems, but they are not quite significant.

Medical students in their third years are going through a significant dilemma. They are supposed to shadow a real physician in a hospital or clinic. However, this learning opportunity is impossible during the pandemic. According to a third-year medical student, getting exposure to surgery and its techniques through zoom class is never a delightful experience. An online class can’t offer the same level of understanding. There is a big difference between learning surgery online and getting its know-how in an operation theatre.

Canceled Graduation, Early Graduation

The effect of a pandemic is pretty intense on fourth-year medical students. They are supposed to hold a graduation degree within six months, but now medical universities and colleges have canceled graduation ceremonies. It’s such a frustrating situation for a student doctor who has spent three and a half years only to be postponed receiving a degree that helps them continue their career. Fourth-year medical students don’t like the idea of graduation cancelations. This is not what they dreamt for.

Many medical schools have skipped the last two months of clinical experience and decided to grant early graduation to students. The University of Massachusetts has a 90-day medical licenses plan for fourth-year medical students. This early graduation program aims to bring more doctors on board in the state, given the critical coronavirus situations. Many fourth-year graduates take an interest in volunteer programs to stand on the front row for dealing with Covid-19 patients. They are joining hands with their classmates to collect supplies and raising funds for those who are struggling during the pandemic.

Advice for Next Generation of Doctors

Residents Medical has earned its name over the years for providing helpful consultation to medical students. The coronavirus has reshaped everyone’s life, and indeed its effect is a bit harsh on student doctors. However, the Residents Medical Group motivates students to keep up with their career goals. It’s normal to think of giving up on a medical career after examining just how difficult a path it is. But dedicated medical students are devoted to giving their lives to save people.

It’s the time to keep hopes alive and not get distracted from their career goal of helping and serving humanity. The pandemic has hinted to everyone how things can go south quickly and how one viral attack can affect the world drastically. But this crisis also made it clear that doctors and student doctors can work together to save the world. The collective efforts of volunteer medical students can make a big difference in general public life. Residents Medical advised doctor students to stay focused on their career goals and follow the guidelines given by medical experts to attain on-time residency placement.