By now, everybody is full aware that Resume Cheetah means business. From it assisting job seekers in securing a paid job, to helping them in interviewing, to hastening the job process and then for it defeating Resume Rabbit in the duel. So are you still asking, “What is Resume Cheetah?” Resume Cheetah is a job search hero that takes applicant’s resumes and applies on their behalf to job boards, thereby saving time and reducing stress to the minimum. Surely, the applicant is on the fast lane to get a job.

Stemming from its commitment to ensure that applicants get a job, Resume Cheetah is advocating that your resume should have provision for including your LinkedIn profile. How does this work?

Statistics show that more than 85 percent of hiring managers are using social media to check the profile of potential candidates. They want to know their work history. They want to see recommendations from other employers. They want to be assured that they are hiring the right person.

ad7This fact can be leverage. Applicants who show to the hiring managers that they are credible have a better chance to be hired. It’s well known that being employed has become a game of numbers and it would be a very nice thing if they have the numbers on their side. Resume Cheetah advises that it is not only enough to have one’s profile link on his resume, it is also advisable to have good recommendations. So in essence, applicants should ask for recommendations and make his or her profile full of recommendations from colleagues, former employers and supervisors so that his/her chances are greatly increased.

In addition while such is done, Resume Cheetah advises that they do not make their resume an exact replica of their profile. It tells the employer that they are yet to see the last of your capacity. Use LinkedIn to improve your chances of being considered and hired. Explore it and use other features that may aid you in your quest.

So, while Resume Cheetah would take your Resume and submit to hiring managers, the applicants on their part utilize the benefits of social networking to improve their rankings among other applicants. This would tally well with the vision of resume cheetah in not just searching and applying for jobs on your behalf, but finding your dream job fast.

Don’t let your competition beat you out. There is strength in numbers and Resume Cheetah provides the numbers. Get a team of professionals behind you while submitting your resume for job openings to help you get employed fast. Visit Resume Cheetah today to get started. You surly won’t be disappointed in your decision.