Salon & Spa Galleria Has Paused Rents for All 275 of Its Beauty Pros and is Offering an Additional Free Week of Rent for Each Week Salons Remain Closed

FORT WORTH, TX, May 05, 2020 /Neptune100/ — The closure of all beauty salons throughout Texas because of Covid-19 has given some salon professionals working as employees in commission-based salons an opportunity to think about having their own salon businesses.

Success as a beauty entrepreneur requires a set of attitudes and skills, according to serial entrepreneur Ron Sturgeon, who appeared on CNBC’s hit show Blue Collar Millionaire in 2018. Before opening a chain of salons, Ron succeeded in a variety of automobile-related businesses. He has parlayed a $2000 inheritance into a business empire worth nearly 100 million.

“Being a successful business owner gives me the kind of freedom employees will never have,” says Sturgeon, who started his first business, an auto repair shop, while he was still in high school. “I have a 5-part test that I use to predict who will be successful in our salon suite rental locations,” he added.

• Is the owner client focused? “A successful stylist knows how to give white glove service and how to earn positive word of mouth,” says Sturgeon. She or he asks for feedback and acts on it, he added.

• Is she or he marketing savvy? Can the person build a book of business? Is she or he hustling to add clients and able to prospect effectively, online or in-person? “The thought that a person puts into marketing plans separates the successful owner from the person who doesn’t make it,” said Sturgeon, who added that he provides his tenants with help marketing their salon suites.

• Does she or he have a good work ethic? When the chair is empty, the successful owner is out drumming up business. He or she takes a flyer to the local school for teacher appreciation day and makes something happen, according to Sturgeon. The less successful owner does not keep regular hours or show up on time.

• Does she or he have positive dissatisfaction? “My old friend Dixon Thayer taught me about positive dissatisfaction,” says Sturgeon. “Is the person motivated to want more even when things are going well. Do they push in a positive way to achieve excellence?”

• Can she or he read a balance sheet? “A lot of what you need to run a business is not taught in beauty school,” says Sturgeon. “I always recommend beauty pros take a good course in accounting, so they know how to read a balance sheet and know and understand the key financials and the key marketing metrics,” said Sturgeon. Working with a bookkeeper or taking a Cousera course like University of Illinois Understanding Financial Statements goes a long way to making the person business ready.

About Salon & Spa Galleria:
Salon & Spa Galleria is a fast-growing salon chain that offers suite and booth rental to beauty entrepreneurs. Headquartered in Fort Worth, TX, the chain continues to help power the dreams of salon professionals who want to have their own businesses. To see a model salon suite or learn the benefits of leasing salon space, to schedule a tour of the Alliance TX Salon and Spa Galleria or to learn more about the free rent promotion, call (817) 917-1416.

About Ron Sturgeon:
Ron Sturgeon ( is a serial entrepreneur and real estate developer based in Fort Worth, TX. In addition to his salons, Ron has built a business park built using recycled shipping containers as the centerpiece for a district in the heart of the Alliance Corridor in North Fort Worth. To learn more visit,