Size Up Supplements and Size Up Apparel, a specialist brand in affordable, low-cost nutritional supplements and fitness apparel, is dominating the eCommerce market and expanding its physical retail locations in 2020. Size Up is capitalizing on the early success that has positioned the brand as a premier supplement retailer and apparel brand in the U.S. with new retail locations in three states

Founded by energetic CEO and visionary Chase Campbell, a passionate athlete, entrepreneur, and business developer, Size Up entered the supplement and nutrition market and networked early on with Campbell’s friends, family, and fellow athletes. Quickly becoming a success, Campbell adopted Size Up’s current business model, which calls to offer genuine business products at reasonable rates, and developed a thriving eCommerce outlet for the brand. As the business evolved over the years, Campbell focused increasingly on online retail and helped Size Up sell large quantities of nutritional supplements on platforms like eBay and Amazon. But to escape costly marketplace commissions that hurt profits and sustainable business growth, Campbell soon expanded operations to Size Up’s own website and opened the brand’s first physical retail locations to sell supplements to consumers directly and to build relationships with customers. 

To attract business and develop the Size Up brand, Campbell incorporated free merchandise and open houses into new retail locations, increasing the brand’s exposure and marketing potential in local communities. Quickly becoming known for its diverse collection of supplements, nutrition, and health products offered at affordable, below-market retail prices, Size Up in time has expanded to locations across the United States, including in the states of Michigan, Nevada, and Florida. Committed to ensuring local customers can obtain genuine quality products at unbeatable prices, Size Up has been revolutionizing the health and wellness market since 2011.

By using innovative and strategic digital marketing and search engine optimization techniques, Size Up has connected with people from around the world. Garnering tens of thousands of followers on social media, Size Up’s business expanded largely in 2019 and looks forward to continuing such growth in 2020.

Size Up, the beneficiary of Campbell’s unique business acumen and vision for a supplement and apparel retailer, was founded in 2011 with limited resources, support, and financial backing. But its collection of supplements and apparel attracted raving reviews from customers far and wide and Size Up is now expanding in 2020 to new retail locations while growing its online eCommerce presence. Inspiring people nationwide to pursue their dreams and live the lifestyles they want, Size Up has become a premier retailer with valued customers. With Campbell’s powerful business leadership behind the brand, Size Up will continue to grow and connect with millions of more customers in 2020.

About Size Up

Size Up sells a collection of supplements that aid muscle recovery and performance and also retails its own lines of custom apparel. Founded in 2011 in Detroit, Michigan, Size Up has become a premier retailer of nutritional supplements and apparel through eCommerce retail and in physical retail locations in Michigan, Nevada, and Florida. To learn more, please visit

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