In response to strong demand in Tallahassee, Louis Law Group is opening a new office in Florida’s capital. With this new footprint in Tallahassee, Louis Law Group attorneys are ready to help clients get full compensation for their property claims.

MIRAMAR, FL, June 28, 2020 /Neptune100/ — The Louis Law Group, one of Florida’s most renowned personal injury and property claim law firms, is establishing a new office in Tallahassee. This new office represents an outstanding opportunity for the firm to serve its Tallahassee clients more efficiently.

About Louis Law Group

Louis Law Group is well-known for helping insurance clients obtain the compensation they deserve. Based in Miramar, the firm assist clients with fire damage, water damage, hurricane damage, roof damage, and even hail damage claims. Regardless of the size or amount of the claim, Louis Law Group attorneys are ready to help.

Many people assume that insurance claims are relatively straightforward. Someone suffers some form of property damage, they submit their claim to their insurer, and then they receive full compensation for the damage. The reality is more complex. Insurers may deny their policyholders’ claims for a variety of reasons. For example, they may say that the claim is outside the scope of the policy, the policyholder was late with his or her premium payments, or that insufficient evidence was provided to support the claim. It can be massively frustrating for the claimant.

Louis Law Group attorneys help eliminate these frustrations. Upon retaining a client, the firm’s attorneys go to work. They take on every aspect of the claim process, whether it means gathering evidence of property damage, negotiating a fair settlement with clients’ insurance companies, or proceeding to trial if the client prefers litigation. Whatever the case may be, Louis Law Group attorneys always put their clients’ needs first. They work tirelessly to accomplish their clients’ objectives.

Pierre A. Louis, the senior managing attorney at Louis Law Group, is extremely proud of his team’s work. “Our lawyers are well-trained, experienced, and hungry. Insurers should be on notice, as our attorneys aggressively pursue our clients’ objectives and goals.”

113 South Monroe Street, 1st floor
Tallahassee, FL 32301
Telephone: (850) 391-5111